Blogging problems and ways to deal

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You started a blog with full enthusiasm, some days later you fell out as you’re not getting the dividence. Like any other job, blogging can also shed a good chunk of your hair. It’s no denying the fact that we face problems while starting up a blog and later-on there are times when we fell short of expectations with the blog.
In this article, we try and understand some common blogging problems and find ways to deal with them,

  1. How to start a blog
  2. How to choose a blog niche
  3. What type of content should be in a Blog
  4. Is my blog good and SEO friendly
  5. How to get good blog topics
  6. How to generate great content for a blog
  7. How to increase visitors to the blog
  8. How to make blog famous
  9. Done all! Still no luck

1. How to start a blog

If you’re starting up with blogging, the best option is to grab an account with using your existing Google account. Run by Google – it’s absolutely free, SEO friendly, supports unlimited traffic and web space. It provides ready to use interface where you just need to write and publish blogs. Provided with RSS Subscription to connect with readers, easy linking to Google adwords, Facebook, twitter and other social media accounts to market blogs. You can easily use Adsense ads and make income – all in easy steps, no coding needed. Numerous themes available, customize design with sliders, drag and drop interface. The only weak point is – you’ll get a domain name like rather than that most of us want.

The other good option is to create an account with Tumblr or WordPress. Tumblr works the same way as blogspot but has an much better interface with a blend of social networking. For gaining a domain with WordPress you have to pay some yearly amount – the big point. Domain name would be be similar to blogspot.

For those who want to own a kinda domain they can use self hosted WordPress or Drupal. For this, you need to purchase domain name, web hosting and install CMS (WordPress/Drupal) on it. You can find the instructions to install WordPress on the website with full FAQ support to quench installation related problems.

2. How to choose a blog niche

It’s important to decide the niche of the blog i.e the field on which you’re intended to write blogs. You can have a single field, multiple field or randomly from anything and everything in the world. Starting from 1-2 fields is a good idea, you can extend it in the future.

The positive aspect of choosing a particular niche is – you’re site would get recognized very soon by the visitors of that particular niche, better chances of getting backlinks, increased visitors and most importantly – less headache. The negative part is that you have limited number of potential visitors, say 40 million people search for wordpress in a month then you have potentially 40 million visitors to grab.

Choosing multiple and wide niche increases your reach on internet. You see,, have content on virtually each and everything so they have more than 150 million, 80million, 60million visitors per month, respectively. The problem with such sites is that you need larger team of bloggers to cover varied fields hence needs big capital and most importantly takes time to gain reputation. Most content farms are accused of keyword stuffing, reduced quality – hence its unreliable to users and you can’t bet of its success with social bookmarking sites around.

3. What type of content should be in a Blog

You can post anything – views, reviews, tutorials, discussions, images, videos. It’s important to avoid copyrighted content and images that can land you in trouble with DMCA. You should append new information to other’s thought (inspiration) and edit images before using.

Avoid posting objectionable content – abusive or offensive content on a particular individual, caste, religion as it can result in search engines removing the website, when noticed. It can also lead to AdSense account termination, so its better to write on good thing rather than anything wrong.

4. Is my blog good and SEO friendly

SEO is among the biggest blogging problems that many of us fail to deal correctly. For a good blog SEO make sure your title tag contains keywords related to your niche, and is easily readable. The other thing is to write good meta description to ensure visitors grab a quick view of your website’s niche and information contained in it. WordPress users must use All in One SEO to ensure good SEO to each and every category, tags, pages and blog posts.

Once you had done this, check how your blog appears in the search engines once its get indexed by them.

5. How to get good blog topics

Deciding a blog topic probably consumes more time than writing one. 45 days ago when I first started with blogging, I think of topics long hours only to find an egg. Then I thought of reasons why I couldn’t find a good blogging topic, reason – because I ‘tried’ to search rather than understanding what I could write to give something useful to my readers.

Problem solving approach is the key in finding a topic. Here are some simple and basic ways to deal with inability to find blogging topics,

  1. Things you do know and most don’t.
  2. Things you don’t know. Search it, learn and write.
  3. Common problems you face, could be anything – big or small.
  4. Subscribe to Google news and RSS feeds.
  5. Famous things readers would love to read about.
  6. Break longer blogs to smaller and more informative ones.
  7. Ask your readers to suggest what they want to read.
  8. Read latest from your niche.

6. How to generate great content for a blog

Content is the essence of a website. SEO, directory submissions can bring visitors but can’t retain it till you’re providing new and useful content to them. Retaining a single visitor worth more than gaining thousands of new ones.

For generating a great content make sure you have a good writing skill and understanding of the topic. A single mistake – Steve Jobs/Steve Job can change the entire concept of the blog. Content should be addictive enough to compel visitors to like you on Facebook, follow you on twitter, and of course ask for your RSS feeds.

7. How to increase visitors to the blog

A blog is useless till its not catching good traffic and can go down as one of your major blogging problems. There are many ways to grab attention of netizens, here are some –

  1. Social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, MySpace. Join one, join all and post updates regularly. You can use, a free service to automatically post your blog to these sites.
  2. Social bookmarking Sites – Submission of blogs to sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit are must for gaining visitors and backlinks. These sites are storehouse of great information where people come to explore.
  3. Pinging Search engines – Inform search engines of an update in your already indexed blog. One such service is Ping-O-Matic ( which is owned by WordPress.
  4. T-shirt marketing – You can easily purchase some 1k t-shirts and distribute it to masses, especially girls. Check surge in your blog visitors, it should be very high. You can also use other strategies to market your blog – sponsoring events, attending conferences, presentations and similar.

8. How to make blog famous

As said earlier a blogging site must have quality content to draw visitors. Apart from this, a different writing skill is important to force your way into visitors memory and stay there. Use of satirical lines is very effective, you can also use funny slang and phrases to spice up the content.

If your blog is failing to catch traffic then a simple way to deal with such problem is to ask for guest bloggers to write for you. It would add a different taste to your website. Marketing of blog is also very important to make a website famous.

9. Done all! Still no luck

If you’re still having problems in maintaining the blog and drawing visitors then ask other bloggers to suggest what’s wrong with your blog. It’s a great way to know what’s the secret mantra behind others success. Apply those things in your blog and hopefully it should work. Patience is also important, you should continuously post blogs for at-least 3-4 months before considering the safest option of dropping the blogging idea.

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