Top blogging mistakes to avoid

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When first started, I was actually a slogger than a blogger as I always look to pile on blogs to my website no matter how bad they are. Some are so weird that I would love riding a bullock-cart than reading those crap. I don’t want the same thing to happen with any of my friends, so here is a complete list of blogging mistakes that your should avoid,

Lack of Passion

This biggest requirement whether you’re writing blogs or on a cricket field. Passion for blogging is essential as its what engines you to write awesome, sometimes rib-ticking blogs.

Faulty Writing; Grammatical mistakes

Criminal mistake. Making such mistakes is not a new thing but some, like replacing fun/sun changes the entire meaning of article while blunders like shot/shit can put your blogging skills in danger. Such a mistake can be avoided with repeated revisions before posting blogs.

Excessive SEO

SEO is important but definitely less than the blog content. A blog is first written for readers and then for the search engines. We should stack quality points in a blog before appending high performing keywords. Remember; SEO is always secondary to content quality.

Low Writing Quality

Be natural. Don’t try to copy anyone’s writing style though you can blend a bit from here and there in your writings, just like a cocktail. Adding satires, direct sentences, referring by ‘you’ than ‘user’ are some good ways to grab attention of your audience.

Wrong length of blogs

A 200 word content on cyber security and a 1000 word blog on ‘How to create Gmail account’ – Stupidity, Isn’t? Deciding correct size of blogs is important. Just decide the size of blogs concerning the fact that it should be the least count that can express your new and useful idea to the readers, effectively and correctly.

Irregular Updation

A blogging site has new as well as returning visitors so its important to update the website regularly. If you’re posting 4-5 blogs each day then you should maintain the rate everyday; you can drop to 2-3 blog some days but there must be something new each and everyday. Such a blogging mistake is common with novice writers that must be avoided; search engines love regular updating blogs.

More ads, less content

We all want money but putting ads in all available spaces is a ‘way of harassment’. Ads must be placed at important locations but they shouldn’t be too distracting or non-matching to website design. Maintaining a good user interface is important.

Imposing ‘expertness’

Being an expert is fine but imposing superiority on others won’t do good to your blog reputation. A blogger must go with readers, or at least give an impression of the same. Use of of lines like ‘most other bloggers does this but my way is a bit different’ might appear okay but some might feel these line as slang or self-praising one.

Negative comment

Writing negative content, or criticism must be avoided by bloggers. Though, blogging is all about expressing personal views but like any other job it has some limitations. Any writing must not be personal and abusive to anybody, and shouldn’t be written with fierce words included.

No care of Visitors

The most important off-writing blogging mistake that most of us make. A blog runs on the incoming  visitors, so its important to be in touch with them. Also, replying to user comments and queries is a good way to show appreciation to your reader-base.

No Marketing

Most bloggers forget blog marketing that can go down as one the biggest blogging mistakes. You can see movies promoted on all sorts of media – social, print, display and everything else. You can do the same thing for your blog, and that too – at a much cheaper rate. Register with social media sites, social bookmarking, distribute t-shirts, sponsor events, these are some marketing tips with very less investment.

Bizarre inclusion of images, videos

Inclusion of different digital media spice-up the taste of a blog. You must include images and videos whenever required but in a limited quantity and in a user friendly way. Avoid overflowing images/videos in blogs with virtually nothing content to read. Put HQ and equal sized images and videos.

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