Blogging: How to become a professional blogger

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Blogging is a very interesting field for those who love to read and write. Like any other job, professional blogging requires dedication, hard work and patience for a considerable amount of time. It isn’t like a cake that you sell and earn. It’s like a crop that needs regular care for good results.

Young authors who’re looking to take blogging as career expect huge paycheques after writing one or two piece. That’s not possible at all. Once started with blogging, one should continue till optimism derails. I would recommend publishing at least 100 HQ blogs before expecting any income. It can take a few months for blogs to become visible in search engines . If you’re ready for this, you’re on the way to be a successful blogger!

To become a professional blogger you need to have a professional approach. A blogger must post high quality blogs as frequently as possible. Search engines love new and fresh content. A regularly updating website is crawled and indexed more often than a slower one. Frequent visits by web crawlers boosts website performance and pagerank as they start to show good in search engines.

How to start blogging

Novice professional bloggers should write to 2-3 blogs per day. They can gradually increase the blogs with experience and time. Meticulous planning must be implanted before writing a blog . Choose a nice topic, do thorough research and accumulate the best content out of internet. Analyze competitor’s blog to see if your content can compete against them or not. Once the content is ready, add tweaks to make blog short and informative. Remove useless and redundant lines; add keywords and key phrases to draw maximum traffic from search engines. This provides SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that help your blogs to appear good in search engine results. You may require changing the tense and voice to maintain the flow and compensate key phrases. Read the blog multiple times as a visitor and see what improvements are required. Publish the blog, once everything is managed.

Publishing a blog still leaves some work to be done. You need to market your blog for drawing traffic. Post tweet, share facebook updates and let the world know about your latest post. Inform search engines, social bookmarking sites and social networking friends and followers. A professional blogger may hire social media professionals to do online marketing of the blogs.

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