Blogging: Different types of blog writing

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Blog writing depends on the information that they provide. As a blogger you can write on any topic your mind can think of. But, still there are some areas where blog writing is quite popular which I am discussing below one by one.

Cultural blog writing on social aspects is a very interesting field of blogging. NGOs and Government hire bloggers to write on rich cultural activities, ethics, traditions and other religious rituals for people across the boundaries to read. Such blogs are often written in a conversational manner and are informal in nature. You may see threaded comments from visitors, which means when a visitor posts a comment another visitor or the blogger replies to it in an appropriate manner.

Personal blog writing is a type of blogging wherein someone expresses his views on what he thinks of the society and prevailing wrong activities. It’s a god platform for social activists and teenagers to say their mind pertaining society, politicians, or any activity which is harmful for society. The blogger informs general public about problems and issues arising in different locations. Personal blog writing is a super-set of technology blogging, social media blogging wherein a blogger express his personal views/tutorials/overview on any topic.

Marketing of products using blog is a great way for advertising business products, services and other processes. Such types of blogs writing is termed as corporate blogging. Corporate business entrepreneurs update customers, clients and readers about latest happenings, changes in company policy about any particular product and what product is under progress. One page blog can provide vital information about any company, but this type of blog writing is compiled in formal manner.

News media is another type of blog writing. The main purpose of the blog is to draw more traffic towards any particular website. Such type of blog may have incorrect information and more spicy, inaccurate or illegal information. Blogger is supposed to make writing interesting and funny irrespective of what he writes. The examples of such blog types are movies, celebrities, scandals, Hollywood or Bollywood news etc.

Spam blogging is type of blog writing in which a blogger promotes commercial companies by providing their links. You will see only part of information on the blog and to get more information you are encouraged to visit the company. You will see repetitive keywords or text throughout the blog again and again. But, before clicking any link on such blogs, be careful because these links contain several viruses and other threats harmful for your computer.

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