Blogging: A tale of ability, attitude and impact

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Being fair to all, I must say that my English wasn’t great when I first started blogging some 5 months back. I tried to put correct words in the best possible manner for readers to make out the right meaning. Initially, it was difficult. I did grammatical mistakes and got a comment from a reader slamming my effort. But, I tried to blade-out the mistakes and thrived for betterment.

Since then, I’ve made a some improvement (I feel!).

Most other budding-bloggers, especially from non-English speaking nations might find it difficult to start blogging on a confident note. So here are some tips that I should put forward, which are inspired from my personal experiences of blogging,

Never underestimate yourself. Nobody comes educated from mother’s womb. Everybody learns after coming in the world, and living in the society. We might be not be that good in English but we can always learn. And, we can learn only when we believe that we can learn. Swami Vivekananda was born and brought up in India, he learnt everything by himself. His speech in Chicago was among the best speeches one has ever addressed to masses. His first line of speech was clapped for more than 2 minutes. If he can do this, why can’t you and me. Believe in your capabilities because if you won’t believe, why someone else would?

Don’t bog down. I remember a guy slamming my writing as ‘non-amateur’. I felt that comment, its still fresh in my memory. When I first read it, I was wretched, went in despair as its disheartening to see a guy blasting you for work saying its not well-written. I considered myself as the defaulter and tried to improve. When people start a work, they learn slowly and in meanwhile they’ll commit mistakes. No matter how hard you try, you’ll still commit mistakes, so what to worry about. Get on with what you’ve started and carry it forward with full zeal.

Get vocab and grammer correct. Its no denying the fact that most bloggers does mistakes, grammatical being the common one. Its important to increase pool of words by regularly checking dictionary and reading blogs/articles of others. Grammatical mistakes must be curtailed as much as possible. Use of ‘a/the’, ‘that/which’ are something that people get caught entangled. Its important to keep touch with ‘Class-8 Standard’ grammar books. They are great in rectifying minor mistakes and building a stronger artillery of English words.

Be original in writing. We should never try to copy and impersonate others writing style. Taking inspiration from other bloggers is good but your writing must have stains of your character and taste. Its always a best practice to get the best pat of others writing but the way of presentation must be yours. Understand a simple funda: You can’t express love for a girl with movie-style attitude. It might work at times but mostly success comes when effort is lent in a natural way. I’m writing in this manner because this is my true style of writing and if I try to flex too much with it, the blog would lose originality and appear monotonous.

Life is not easy, so is blogging. You won’t find most people leaving their job and becoming a professional blogger. Why? Because, initial days would be very hard with practically no income. Blogging needs patience. Though it’ll give fruits, but only after you enforce yourself fully into your work. I got my first cheque after 5 months of blogging, and it was really difficult for me to keep my head up for such a long time without getting a single penny.

Worship your work, don’t consider this as just an another day in office. Your blog is your work, it tells how good you are. Content of a blog shape readers perspective for the writer. For me, if a reader isn’t reading this line, it means he feels that the blog isn’t worth reading. But, if 9/10 people who started the blog are still reading this, then I can say that my writing is a success. We, bloggers shouldn’t write something just to increase our blog posts, or to keep Google busy with the site. Rather, we should try to etch our name onto each and every reader. Most of them should remember us saying ‘Oh! This is a damn great site’. I consider, and probably you consider it too that such an applause is more satisfying than seeing AdSense income chipping $10-15 mark.

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