BJP’s election campaign with Google ads

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Have you noticed promotional ads of BJP on any website?

If not, then you’ll see it a day or two. I came across one such ad while digging some websites last night.

With election heat catching up the Indian politics, parties are giving their every bit to reach potential supporters with roller-coaster, 24×7 election campaigns.

Apart from stacking banners and distributing prints, they are using social media platforms like Facebook and Google to convey their message to the voters.

Presently standing in opposition, BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) is leading the way with Google ads overflowing on the websites.

In the ad, colored in all black with a lotus designed in orange color, BJP is calling voters to give them a chance and they will swish-off corruption and inflation from India.

Notable, the ruling Congress party is accused of having corrupt politicians, and hurting country’s economy with continuous price hike.

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