9 Best Alternatives of VLC Media Player

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There are very few softwares that maintain their superiority over others for such a long time, and VLC media player is one such program. It’s the second most downloaded software on sourceforge and among the top 10 softwares on download.cnet.com.

If you’re, due to some reason unhappy with VLC and want a replacement, here are the best VLC alternatives you can try,

1. Daum Pot Player

daum pot player is one the best vlc alternative

Don’t see Daum Pot Player as an alternative of VLC Media Player, in fact it can easily be a replacement. Most of you might not have heard of this but the media player is surely better than VLC in all respect including design, usability, interface and functionality. Its appearance is more like KMPlayer but its different and more feature-packed. It can play all media formats, provides automatic improvements to quality of audio and video files with GPU acceleration. Despite being a big software, it puts lesser load on CPU.

It provides more than 40 skins that closely matches the interface of other media players. Additionally, it can play upto 1000 songs back to back, can auto-resume the last 200 played files, and can automatically shutdown the computer when done. This is something not possible with VLC Media Player, through can be done using a trick.

We’ve covered this awesome software in our blog, check this Daum Pot Player a better VLC alternative article. [Download Daum PotPlayer]

2. UMPlayer

um player as vlc alternative

It’s a no brainier that Universal Media Player(UMPlayer) is designed to compete with VLC. It can play almost all file formats, has better GUI, simpler navigation and lightweight than VLC.

UMPlayer provides most features of VLC but it’s still less. Like VLC, playing streaming video, changing of aspect ratio, taking snapshot, adding of subtitles etc is possible with the media player. But there is no support to webcam, also video/audio file converter is missing, which is inbuilt in VLC Media Player.

Apart from this, UMPlayer does provides some new features, most important of which is the inbuilt search engine to search YouTube videos. Also user can play the selected video inside the player directly.

Additionally, it provides Filters that can be used to add clarity, noise and other effects to the videos. Mirror feature allows video to shift from left to right.

UMPlayer is better than VLC in most terms except for the features, which is limited. So it could be your alternative to VLC Media Player if you want something lightweight. [Download UMPlayer]

3. GOM Player

one of the best alternatives of vlc media player

Most of might have heard of GOM Player, which is the third most download media player on cnet.download.com. It supports all file formats include DAT, MPEG, DivX, XviD, WMV, ASF, AVI, and MOV. Its very much like UM Player and has a few more features. But limited support to 3gp, flv and vob files lead the player to drop down a few positions in our list.

One standout feature of GOM player is powerful customization of video. Color, brightness, hue can be altered and changes take effect in runtime, no need to start up the video again unlike most other media players.[Download GOM Player]

4. KM Player

one of the best vlc alternative is kmplayer

If you want a lightweight alternative of VLC Media Player then Korean Media Player or KMPlayer is what you need. Though its interface might appear outdated and less attractive but the media player is loaded with great features.

Like UMPlayer, Real Player and VLC it can vitrually run any popular audio and media file format. Supported video formats include AVI, MPEG 1/2/4, FLV ,ASF, MKV, DVD, rm, MP4, Xvid, DivX and H.264, and audio audio format APE, MP3, WAV, MPC, Flac, MIDI.

Also, aspect ratio can be altered to make sure you want the right size of video to view. Brightness, color and contrast can be arranged to make your image more lively. [Download KMPlayer]

5. RealPlayer

real media player one the best vlc alternative and its free

When a free pack provides the services of media player, converter and burner, it should be worth trying once. Real Player was introduced in 1995 and since then its has rose to become one of the most used media players.

Being a good alternative to VLC Media Player, RealPlayer can play streaming videos from internet. Live pausing of streaming videos is possible without affecting the buffering. Also conversion across different file formats can be done.

User can post videos to Facebook and Twitter right from the software only. Its something new for media players and only found in very few.

RealPlayer can run only limited file formats. Audio formats like mp3, wav, aiff are supported, while .mp4 and 3gp is supported only after installing additional plugins. In videos, it support vob, dat, mpeg, avi, wmv, .flv and swf.

If you want more features than just the basic ones, RealPlayer does come for 39.99$. Also RealPlayer SuperPass can be used at $4.95 per month. [Download RealPlayer]

6. Winamp

best alternative of vlc media player is winampIts difficult to find a netizen who has not used Winamp yet. The mother of all media players, Winamp is among the first media player on Windows. The lightweight alternative to VLC Media Player is available both as a freeware and shareware.

Like VLC, Winamp does provide support to almost all audio and video formats. Shareware version has extended support to more video formats and has an inbuilt cd burner and ripper for audio files.

Winamp is still by far the best media player to play audio songs because of its superior sound amplification without affecting song quality. [Download Winamp]

7. Zune

zune media player as vlc alternative

Looking for a VLC alternative with a catchy GUI then Zune media player is for you. Its a Microsoft product that’s highly reliable and has a stylish,glossy interface.

Zune allows users to build music library from audio/video files in system, from CD’s as well as from Zune Marketplace which contains a huge library of songs. Also, Zune allow users to listen songs from other PC’s as well as from internet. Its more than just a media player as it also provides file sharing.

Supported audio format includes MP3, .mp4, .mov, WMA and video format mp4, .mov, WMV and .AVI.

Apart from this, the Quickplay feature allows users to conveniently access all their favorite content and recently played media files. With Smart DJ, Zune will automatically queue up tracks according to type of song, artist and genre. [Download Zune]

8. iTunes

itunes is good alternative to vlc media player

Being an Apple product, there are good things in iTunes. The media player can read, write and convert between mp3, aiff, wav, mp4, aac files. Users can have different settings for every different song in iTunes, a feature that no other media player provides. Playback can be controlled from the dock, without expanding the window.

And a feature called iTunes DJ pick songs automatically from playlist and mix to provide a DJ effect. User can always pick and leave the songs to be played in the DJ.

The only lacking point of the software is the size. iTunes puts big pressure on the CPU when it plays a file or burns a music CD. [Download iTunes for Windows]

9. Windows Media Player

Just because it’s available free with Windows OS doesn’t mean it’s useless. Window Media Player 12 can play Mp3, 3gp, Mp4, MOV file formats, which is much more than what it supported previously.

It has an awesome GUI and could easily be your preferred media player if your audio/video files are in certain formats. By installing codecs, more files formats can be played in windows media player. With Windows 8 on the horizon, windows media player can get wings and could easily surpass other media players including VLC Media Player as more and more apps developers starts focusing on it.

There are many other good media players around. If any good one is missing from the list, please mention in comments and we’ll add it.

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