5 Best Samsung smartphone to buy in India

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Last week my sister lost her Samsung DUOS smartphone in Delhi Metro. To get a new mobile, she dragged me to a Nokia store.

We checked multiple mobiles but unfortunately couldn’t decide the right one to purchase. As we move out of the Nokia store, we entered a nearby Samsung showroom. Those Samsung smartphones were well within our range and most mobiles were worth of their price tag. Processor speed was much better than Nokia and most mobiles run on Android as compared to Nokia smartphones that runs the same old Symbian and lesser known Windows Phone OS.

Samsung Wave 525

samsung wave 525 is best Samsung smartphone

With a price tag of Rs 6450, this mobile is truly worth. Its one of the most selling mobile in Jan-Feb ’12. It includes all basic facilities like GPRS, Bluetooth, Wi-FI and more. It has single primary 3.2Mp camera but devoid of secondary camera. It doesn’t support 3G and isn’t an Android rather its build on Bada OS of Samsung.

Samsung Wave Y/Galaxy Y

samsung galaxy y

Samsung Wave Y is the best smartphone for people who are happy with non-Android phone, and want more features at low price. Samsung Wave Y is priced just Rs 7100. It comes with two camera, primary of 2Mp while secondary as VGA. In addition, it has all features like Bluetooth, WIFI and has a stupendous fast processor of 1.4Ghz, faster than 90 percent Nokia phones.

The lacking point of the smartphone is its lesser attractive body especially the back side which dents its look.

If you’re interested in buying an Android smartphone in the same niche then you could opt for Samsung Galaxy Y that costs Rs 7300.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

samsung galaxy ace

Samsung Galaxy Ace is the best Android phone for the middle-upper class people. This smartphone is nice in look, comes with Android OS. Its processor speed is lightening fast. The only drawback with the smartphone is the unavailability of front camera for 3G video calls. At present it comes for just under Rs 13,000. However you can get an improved version of the smartphone, called Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus by paying Rs 16000. Unfortunately this one too does have an secondary camera.

Samsung Wave 3

samsung wave 3

This 16000INR priced smartphone is one great smartphone. It has almost all features you want but its not an android phone. Rather it comes with Bada OS of Samsung which isn’t reliable being new in the market. It has the biggest screen size among all Samsung smartphones. Bigger screen can be good for most users but most others would dislike it considering it as difficult to handle and prone to damages. Samsung Wave 3 is also the highest selling Samsung smartphone in its niche. Its Samsung’s best smartphone against Nokia’s N8 and Lumia smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S

samsung galaxy s

Samsung Galaxy S is the predecessor of S2 smartphones. Like many other Samsung smartphones it has all features you need. It comes with the latest Android Gingerbread 2.3 OS. It has dual cameras that most Samsung smartphones between 8000 to 19000 doesn’t provide. In addition to this, it comes with higher resolution with bigger screen size. It has resistive CAMOLED screen that can withstand severe scratches. Also, it can be connected to LCD TV with provided port. It cost around Rs19000 in Indian market.

Two improved versions of the same smartphone is there in the market. One is the Samsung Galaxy S Plus(23000) and and the other is Samsung Galaxy S2(29000).

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