5 Best Fonts for Resume Writing

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Employers skim through a resume in 10-20 seconds to decide if a candidate is good enough to call for an interview. For a candidate, resume is a reflection of his credentials.

A resume should be concise with easy to read information. And choosing right font is the key for this. The two best font for writing resume are: ‘Serif’ and ‘Sans Serif’ font family. They are the most neat-looking and readable ones.

Serif font family gives the old, traditional look to the resume while Sans Serif provides new, contemporary look. Sans Serif are slightly more readable than the former and hence are more preferred now a days.

Sans font include fonts like New Times Roman, Georgia, Garmond, Bell MT, Courier New, while Serif Sans include Arial, Tahoma, Verdana, Century Gothic and a few others.

best fonts for resume writing

Top 5 fonts for resume writing

  1. New Times Roman: It’s the most widely accepted fonts for professional resumes. Reason? They are available in probably every computer in the world – Windows, Linux, Mac. So, a resume can be read on any computer with absolutely no formatting issues. Also its best for people who can’t decide the right font for resumes. The font isn’t attractive like Arial, Tahoma, Georgia, Century Gothic and others.

    best resume font for resume writing-1

  2. Arial: The default font for every text document is also the best option for writing resumes. Arial font is a proper combination of style and readability. And as per a recent survey, the font is used by nearly 59% candidates for writing resumes.

    best font for writing resume-2

  3. Gill Sans MT: Probably the lesser heard one but this awesome font clearly holds an edge over Arial being more easy to read. Gill Sans MT is more clearer in appearance giving a much neater look to your resume. This font has best for applying to a business job, banks, brokerages.

    best font for resume writing-3

  4. Century Gothic: It looks much like Arial font but has a more stylish look and could be a great replacement. Being thinner, the font might have some readability as compared to the other 3 fonts discussed above, but still a good option for writing almost all type of resumes.

    best resume font for writing resume-4

  5. Verdana: Verdana is my the best font for me as it looks the neatest of all. The font has much better spacing between letters and words than others. This is best for writing engineering resumes.

    best font for writing resume-5

While writing resume, our priority is not to stylize it but to keep it simple for easy skimming by the recruiters. They’re interested in the information contained in the resume not the way its styled.

Excessive use of bold characters and wrong fonts can mess-up the entire candidature.

Some other things to mind before deciding font for resume

  1. Choose a font for writing resume that should be available in employer’s computer as well. If the exact font is missing, the resume would open up in default font that could alter the formatting and presentation that you set for the resume.
  2. Don’t use more than 2 font types in a resume. One for heading and other for content is fine but make sure they are complementary to each other.
  3. Give proper spacing between heading in the resume. This would help recruiters in  easily finding the relevant information.
  4. And choose a font type and size that looks good when seen on paper as well as computer. Some fonts can give blocky appearance which is not good.
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