Autoload thousands of Facebook feeds using a simple JavaScript code

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To see more Facebook feeds, you need to navigate down in a Facebook page.

This is gruesome, or a desi-style I should say.

But there is one trick that allows you to autoload feeds without going the traditional way. You can also reach to the last post if you keep the script executing till it stops.

Here is the code that I’ve made,

function loadx()
UIIntentionalStream.instance && UIIntentionalStream.instance.loadOlderPosts(); return false;

Copy and paste the code to your browser url.

Make sure you put everything what’s written above in the url as javascript: usually gets omitted while pasting the code.

autoload facebook feeds using script

To stop, just click the ‘cross’ button or close the browser. Its safe, don’t worry.

This code would automatically start loading all feeds. After some 10-15 minutes you should reach to the oldest post. This code is amazing and worth to try.

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