Asana task management system to better manage teams

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Not many people go beyond social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare. But there is one service that deserves your attention.

asana helps to efficiently manage tasks and teamAsana is a system designed to better manage task between teams and individuals. Its a task management system that allows a company to keep track of activities carried out by a team, their team members and help them better collaborate with each other for smooth and faster operation.

Its different from the online project management systems that’s used within organisations. Asana has broader scope, provides a simple interface with complete transparency in tasks carried out by teams and their members.

Asana is a great concept for big firms that’s spread across boundaries. And most importantly, its free.

Understanding Asana with a real life example

Suppose, there is a firm called ‘Innovtech’. It has some 100 employees which are distributed in 5 separate teams. Each team is assigned a specific task: 3 teams for production, 1 for product delivery and 1 for maintenance.

Going by the convention ways, these 5 teams can communicate with each other and plan task lists only through meetings, official papers, email or by phone. This is workable when team size is small and work pressure isn’t that high. Asana makes this communication more simpler, and faster even when the number of teams or team members increases by many folds. Asana can help in managing thousands of employees, and hundreds of teams in a much better way.

Asana is also a task planner that allows efficient task management between teams. Teams can maintain their task list for a day, week or month. They work towards completion of these tasks, one by one and keep on updating the tasks status as complete/incomplete. Other teams can view the status and manage their own work accordingly.

task management between teams with asana

Seeing the message of production team, delivery team can know whether they should speed up the  pace or slow it down. Also, maintenance team can go for support if status message asks them for help. In addition to this, for each and every task, there can be complete discussions till a mutual understanding is met. All these discussions are transparent which ensures smoothness in work.

Asana also makes it simpler for members within a team to communicate better. A guy in maintainance team can inform other members of his team whether a maintainance task is completed or pending, or if he wants other guys to support him.

Not only firms, individuals can also communicate with each other. Business partners, companies and clients can also use Asana for communication. They can notify of the progress, profits, problems and all other stuff without speding money on phone calls, and time on to-and-fro email exchanges. Once a task is completed and attached information is uploaded on Asana, other person(s) can know of the progress. In required, he can always post his queries (if any) and express views on the performed/scheuled task.

Asana task management system is most useful for communication when team size is large, say more than 2-3 person. For peer to peer communication, email communication is enough.

Though, Asana is a free service if team size is limited to 30. For larger team size, subscription to Asana is required.

I’ve recently tried this service and its amazing. I use it to communicate with contributing authors to my website, plan weekly task list with its task planner interface, and also to notify them where our work stands and what we’re planning in the coming days.

In the next post we’ll see how to work with Asana task management system for teams.

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