Article vs Blog Posts: Difference explained with example

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Most people use ‘Article’ and ‘Blog’ interchangeably but these two terms are vastly different from each other. Some would argue with that but there is indeed a fine line separating the two.

What is an article?

  1. Articles consist of information about some event that happened in reality. They are not fictional. Articles are what we generally read in newspapers and websites like TimeofIndia and Cricinfo.
  2. They’re written after an in-depth analysis. An article on a road accident would have information about the reason and nature of happening, aftermath, response of general public and police etc. It would contain everything that one like to know about a certain happening.
  3. Articles don’t include personal views of the writer. They are just about what happened, how and when. The information is clear, to the point and appropriately detailed.
  4. They are usually longer than blog posts but not always.

What is a blog?

  1. Blog posts are just the personal views of the writer on some event. They can be real or fictional.
  2. They are written by authors called bloggers for self-expression like writing about their daily happening, tour to some place or just anything else.
  3. It’s basically written to connect with readers. Bloggers share their knowledge (and views) expecting response from the readers in the form of comments.
  4. It’s usually shorter in length, but not always. An article on the launch of a new Samsung smartphone can be smaller than a blog post by someone describing his first experience with the same smartphone.

The difference, with example

In newspapers and websites, there are articles as well as blogs. The news portion, covering 90% of pages containing information about latest happenings are articles while the editorial section and pages where writers express views on topics like global warming, child labor etc are blog posts.

Similarly, websites like TimeofIndia, Mashable, Cricinfo mostly contains articles. In those sites, you can also see a separate section where eminent personalities express their views in the blog section.

Take a look at this snapshot. Its the header portion of Links inside the green block are of articles while links inside orange block includes different blogs like ‘Beyond the Blues’ and ‘The Confectionery Stall’ written by cricketer Aakash Chopra and cricket enthusiast and comedian Andy Zaltzmann respectively.

difference between article and blogs shown with example

You often heard of Amitabh Bachchan and Amir Khan’s blog. They express their views through it hence they’re called as blogs not articles.

Some professional blog posts can look like articles but they cannot be seen as replacement for each other. A blog post explaining features of a smartphone can include the personal views of the author hence it can be loosely called as a blog post (as well as article). It’s a little confusing thing at first but once you start reading articles and blog posts with above points in mind, you’ll understand the difference.

Here is a link to one blog post and one article. Read them and you’ll understand the difference.

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