Advantages of Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is awesome and website owners can use it to their advantage. Though there lies some potential dangers but its worth taking risk considering the immense services that cloud computing offers.

Let’s check the advantages of cloud computing based servers in detail,

  1. Faster service

    Cloud servers are fast and efficient with minimal latency problems. Efficient CPU consumption and high level of parallelism ensures a website loads and runs fast.

  2. 24 x 7 continuous service

    Practically speaking, a website never goes down and is available online 24 x 7. In case there is any fault or technical glitch the website is automatically shifted to another server within no time.

  3. Flexibility

    Cloud servers are very flexible and needs minimal human effort once it’s setup. This saves time and money of both owners and the users.

  4. Amazing services for free

    Cloud computing is cheaper as compared to other traditional virtual/dedicated hosting providing similar services. It’s completely affordable for individuals who runs website for just icing their primary income.

  5. Highly Automated

    Among the main advantages of cloud computing, the entire system is highly automated. If, somehow a website goes offline its automatically shifted to another server. Software updates, performance check, basic maintenance process is entire system dependent.

  6. Unlimited storage

    Cloud computing virtually offers unlimited webspace. Payment is based on the amount of resources consumed by the website. Use more, pay more and vise verse.

  7. No softwares required

    Once subscribed, you can use third party softwares ranging from expensive database to small utility scripts. There is no need to install third party softwares for providing additional functionality or security to your website.

  8. Greater mobility

    Cloud computing allows you to reach your data from anywhere in the world. You can access it from your home, office, on road with your iPhone or blackberry smartphone. Travelers and business oriented people would enjoy such an advantage of cloud computing.

  9. Easier to set up and run

    By just paying a small fee you can get a username and password to start using cloud computing to your advantage. Cloud servers are completely automated, easier to setup and provides a number of free tools for easy website installation.

  10. Carefree Users

    Users can focus on their website and its online marketing, no need to worry about updates or other computing issues.

  11. Better Security

    Data of each and every cloud user (and website) is kept in separate compartments. Efficient compartmentalization techniques make sure the proxy filers out every bit of data and prevent any malicious code from entering the cloud. However, Security of of cloud computing is often questioned by cyber security experts.

  12. Supports CMS and eCommerce platforms

    Another advantage of cloud computing is its compatibility with all CMS and e-commerce platforms. Most cloud servers provides pre-installed WordPress, Drupal, Magneto etc. You just need to select and start using cloud computing to benefit your business.

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