How to add smaller image as cover image for timeline profile

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Most Facebook profiles have been shifted to timeline. Timeline allows adding of cover image to customize its appearance.

An image needs to be at least 720px wide. If you try to upload smaller images then uploading will be unsuccessful and you’ll get an error.

If the image you’re supposed to use is too small then it can’t be added as cover image. But a few tricks can help you doing in this,

  1. A smaller image can only be used as cover image for timeline profile if it has a better resolution. Higher resolution image could be expanded before adding as cover image for the user’s timeline profile.

    So, in case the image size is smaller than 720px, make sure its of higher resolution.

  2. The other way is by adding a matching background to a smaller image in order to increase its width to 720px. This can be easily done using Adobe Photoshop or any other image editing software.

Also, its important to make sure that cover image for Facebook timeline must not be copyrighted or advertisement. Users are strictly asked to use personal image.

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