How to add and remove html elements dynamically using jquery

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While developing a dynamic website, a forum or a social media site you might want to generate HTML elements in runtime. As we see in Facebook, hundreds of comments are posted on an update. Every time someone post a comment, a new comment box is generated dynamically.

How its done? A new HTML element can be added using 2 ways: JavaScript and jQuery. JS code is lengthy, but jQuery code is simple and concise.

Here is a simple code that generate HTML elements dynamically using jQuery,

The HTML Code

<input type='button' value='Add Input box' id='add1'/>
<input type='button' value='Remove Input box' id='remove1'/>
<div id='space'></div>

The jQuery code

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

<script language='Javascript'>

 $('#space').append("<input type='text' placeholder='Im here' />");



When ‘add1’ button is clicked, a new textfield is added inside the ‘space’ div. And when ‘remove1’ is clicked, all the added html elements are cleared.

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