How to add logo in video using VLC Media player (at the top)

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While making a youtube video you might want to add your own logo at the top just like you see on TV.

This can be easily done using VLC media player. All you need is a logo that you want to put in.

Here is how to do this,

1. Run VLC Media Player and go to Tools > Effects and Filters.

add logo to video in vlc-1

2. Click ‘Video Effects’ tab and then click the right-arrow button to bring option for adding logo.

add logo to video in vlc-2

3. Next click on the ‘Logo’ tab and check ‘Add Logo’.

Add url of the logo image to include in the video against ‘Logo’ label. This url can be of your local system or from remote url. Then add margin values for placing the logo. Here we’ve set values 15px from top as well as left corner.

add logo to video in vlc-3

4. Close the box. Logo is now attached to the video. If you can’t see it, restart the video.

add logo to video in vlc-4

5. To upload the video (with logo) on YouTube, you need to save this video.

For doing this, record the video full length and save it. Next upload it to YouTube or wherever you want.

Follow our tutorial on recording video using VLC player  to do this.

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