How to embed secret text in images

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Ever wondered how secret texts are inserted in images and sent via email. You must had, I guess!

This method is being widely used by intelligence agencies to exchange confidential messages. Also, terrorists used the same for communication while planning for the 9|11 attacks.

These reasons are enough to raise your appetite for knowing how, in fact secret texts are embedded in images.

Its a simple idea, just give a thought

Like any other file, images are also binary files that’s interpreted by image editing program and displayed to us. If the same images are viewed(opened) in text-editor/code-editor then their binary coding can be viewed and altered.

This is where the catch is.

To add hidden text/code in an image. Open it in NotePad++(or any other text editor) and make changes without hurting its appearance. Adding code needs a geek, otherwise image could lose its originality and might be revealed.

This image has a hidden text ‘xyz’,

embed send secret codes and text in images

In layman’s terms, its like adding water to milk in just the right amount to make it impossible to detect. (Indian doodhwalas are good at this, isn’t it!)

You can do it, its simple

Its better to see by example rather than going theoretically. To do this by yourself, first get an image and open it in Notepad++ (or any other text editor).

Here you’ll see some weird looking text that’s not understandable.

Just add some text at the end of image code you’re seeing. Save it with .jpg extension.

secret code embedded in image

Once saved, open the image file normally. You’ll still see the same image but it has some hidden text embedded in it. This text can only be seen when opened in text editor.

Intelligence agencies often encrypt the text before adding, and place it somewhere in the middle. This makes it very difficult, nearly impossible to detect.

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