How to add custom icon to Pen Drive?

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Pen drive or the USB drives are portable form of computer memory. When you plug it to your computer you see the same old icon for all drives – including pen drive.

by default there is no icon for pen drive-1

by default, ordinary icon for pen drive

Lets make itinteresting by customizing the entire thing. How about adding a custom icon for pen drive? Nice idea isn’t it. Lets do this,

  1. First get an icon (.ico) file. If you have a jpeg file then convert it to ico using ProDraw.
  2. Next plug your pen drive and create an ‘autorun.inf’ file inside it. After creating, add the following code to the file and save it.


  3. Rename the icon file as ‘icon-pen-drive.ico’ and move it inside the pen drive. You can also hide the file if you want, not┬ácompulsory┬áthough.
  4. Plug out the pen drive and put again in your laptop. You should see an icon for the pen drive.

    add icon to pen drive

    Custom icon for Pen Drive

From now onward, this icon will always appear against the pen drive – on window opening, on minimize/maximize.

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