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For so long, we’ve been just talking about the configuration and price of the cheapest tablet, Aakash but today we’ll try and find answers to some of the basic FAQ’s and queries lingering in the mind of many Aakash enthusiasts.

Though we’ve explained everything in our previous blogs, but here we’ll sum-up all of them, just to make your life a bit simpler.

  1. What is Aakash tablet?
  2. What’s the configuration of Aakash tablet?
  3. Cost of Aakash tablet for students and common buyers
  4. What’s lacking point of the tablet?
  5. How students can get the Aakash tablet?
  6. How common buyers can get the tablet?
  7. Have you used it, what you recon?
  8. Should we buy it?

What is Aakash tablet?

Aakash tablet is the world’s cheapest tablet developed by Datawind and students of IIT Rajasthan. Datawind is a London based firm.

The tablet is a part of OCPL (One Child Per Laptop) program by Indian Government started in 2006.

The tablet is a revelation since launch; 30,000pcs sold in just 3 days of online sale and many countries expressing interest in getting this Made-in-India product.

What’s the configuration of Aakash tablet?

In technical terms,

7’’ touchscreen, 840x480px resolution, Android 2.2 Froyo with 15k pre-installed apps, 466Mhz processor, 256RAM, 2Gb inbuilt and 32Gb expandable memory, 2100mAh battery, Wi-Fi, SIM, GPRS, webcam through USB, support to most audio, video, text and image file formats.

In non-tech terms,

Aakash tablet has 7’’ screen with stylus to operate, its resolution is lower than most good tablet PC’s available in the market. Picture quality isn’t that great.

It comes with Android 2.2 Froyo operating system with 15k pre-installed apps but support to Android marketplace isn’t there, hence downloading new apps and games isn’t possible.

Configuration of 466Ghz processor and 256 RAM is enough for school going students who don’t need to run heavy programs; its good for most college going students as well. A maximum 32Gb external storage capacity is provided with the tablet, internal memory is 2Gb.

Specifications says, battery of Aakash tablet runs for 3hrs if you’re reading or browsing internet. While playing video, it’ll be 30 mts less, ie 2.5 hrs.

Students can connect to internet through the inbuilt Wi-Fi port. SIM feature of the tablet allows it to be used as a phone to send and receive calls, send SMSs and more. GPRS allows faster data transfer.

No inbuilt webcam but the tablet supports it. External webcam can be easily plugged into the tablet through the USB 2.0 port provided.

Aakash tablet supports a number of file formats: MP3, AAC, AC3, WAV, WMA for audio file, MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, FLV for video files and DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, ODT, ODP for image files.

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Cost of Aakash tablet for students and common buyers

Its $60 for common buyers and $35 for students. In Indian rupee, its Rs 3000 and Rs 1700, respectively.

Dollar vs Rupee value is important in determining the exact price of Aakash tablet.

Note: Introductory price for commercial version was Rs 2500 when it first came out for online sale on 16th Dec ‘11.

On 21st December ’11, Aakash table was distributed to the students of City College just at Rs 1138.

What’s lacking point of the tablet?

There are a few things that isn’t either available or isn’t convincing in the Aakash tablet. First, the tablet isn’t fast enough. Most college students would find it painful if they can’t see YouTube videos. Due to lower RAM, running multiple programs can be problematic too.

Screen clarity isn’t there due to low resolution. Also, the tablet heats within 30-45 minutes which isn’t a good sign for a new gadget.

Downloading new apps from Android marketplace isn’t possible, it’s something that limits the reach of students using the tablet.

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How students can get the Aakash tablet?

At the moment, tablets are distributed only to the students of IIT Rajasthan, gradually roll on to other IIT’s, NIT’s and other colleges.

If you want to get one, tell you college authorities about it. They would contact the ministry/Datawind, mentioning the requirement. Demand must be large, say 500-1000 pcs, you can’t ask for 1-2 tablets.

Distribution to catch flow start by December ’11.

Late Report: Distribution of Aakash tablet beyond IIT’S and NIT’s began on 21st with the disribution of tablet to the students of City college in Mumbai. Its priced just Rs 1138, almost 300 less than the tagged price for students.

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How common buyers can get the tablet?

On 16th December, 30,000 Aakash tablets came out for online sale via aakashtablet.com. In the retail market, its expected to come by January ’12. Previously, the tablet is scheduled to come in December but got delayed by 1 month.

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Have you used it, what you recon?

Yes, I had my hands on the tablet some 15 days after its launch. The tablet looks nice, body isn’t strong enough but good. Touchscreen worked fine, performance was okay but if you’ve worked on an iPad or a Galaxy Tab then you’ll see lot of difference while working with Aakash. And as I said, battery is not powerful as well as the overheating problem is something that must be checked asap.

But overall a good gadget to buy as its priced just Rs 2500.

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Should we buy it?

Definitely yes, if you’re in need of a tablet then Aakash is best for you.

It shouldn’t be compared with desktop PC or laptop, tablets are for lighter use only. Aakash has most features that one would need in a tablet.

But, if you can wait for a few more months then you can pocket much improved version of Aakash tablet i.e Aakash-2. The next version of Aakash would have faster speed, better RAM and battery, inbult webcam, support to Android marketplace and lots more features. Price is expected to remain the same.

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