Aakash tablet distribution updates to colleges and buyers

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Distribution of Aakash tablet has caught flow with a big share of booked tablets already handed out to the buyers.

Distribution started on 1st Jan ’12 and till now more than 14,000 have been parked to the buyers. However, rate of distribution is slow as compared to what Datawind, the manufacturer, initially promised.

Previously, Aakash tablets went on for online sale on 16th December and within 3 days, all 30,000 pcs got sold. Datawind promised to distribute it within 7 days on booking but it got delayed to January ’12.

For colleges, the  distribution flow has caught a deadlock.

Except for IIT’s, some NIT’s and Delhi university colleges, and some other colleges like Mumbai’s City college and Bhopal’s RSIEM have received tablet delivery by the fall on December ’11. Still, more than a lac pre-booked tablets are to be distributed.

Many South-Indian colleges are expected to get it by March-April ’12, as reported by CyberPassion readers through our Facebook page.

These colleges are scheduled to get the tablet delivery by HRD Ministry at subsidized price. But the ministry has access to just 10,000 tablet while more than 1.3 lac tablets are pre-booked.

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