How students can get Aakash tablet from college and university

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Distribution of Akash tablet by Government is not a transparent process. But the pattern of distribution suggests that the tablet is first distributed to colleges where the Government is expecting better hands-on reviews and suggestions for improvement.

At the present date, it’s  only distributed to few colleges, most notably IIT Rajasthan, IIT Delhi, colleges of Delhi University and some NITs.

Price of Aakash tablet for student in Rs 1700, subsidized 50% by the Government.

How non-IIT and NIT student can get Aakash tablet?

If you’re a student and want to get the tablet through college/university then contact your college administration with an application including the names (or an approx total) of students interested in buying the cheapest tablet.

Your college would then contact the IT Ministry (or state IT office) stating the requirement. But note the point, you can’t ask for one or two pieces, demand must be larger in size, say 500-1000pcs.

The application is then taken into consideration and the college would get the delivery of tablets.

The process is a bit lengthy, but unfortunately this is the only way of getting Aakash tablet for students studying in other colleges than IITs and NITs.

One important thing, the manufacturing of Aakash tablet isn’t parallel to the increasing demand, hence there is a every possibility that delivery would be delayed, and colleges would receive tablets a bit late; tablets booked in December ’11 would probably be recieved only by Feb-March 2012. For distribution to schools and colleges, presently Government has access to just 10,00 tablets while 90,000 more are required.

Aakash tablet would be out in the retail market from January 2012. Retail price is Rs 3200.

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