Aakash tablet delayed till January 2012

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Aakash enthusiasts planning to buy the cheapest tablet would now have to wait till January next year. Tagged as the cheapest tablet, Aakash tablet is slated to release on November 2011, but got delayed to December and now to January 2012.

Recent information from a DataWind insider suggests that the tablet would roll out in the retail market only in January 2012.

This is a big news for masses who are eager to juggle with the cheapest tablet computer. Repeated delays might result in marginal drop in potential customers of Aakash tablet.

The reason for delay is attributed to the various minor changes that company is making after weighing suggestions from the students of IIT Rajasthan. Also there is problems in the manufacturing process, and other unavoidable problems.

Aakash received 3lac pre-launch bookings that’s would also get delayed. DataWind started new manufacturing plants in Cochin and Noida to meed the increasing demand.

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