Aakash 2 available from Feb 2 for college students

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In a recent note, Indian Government announced that Aakash 2 tablets would be available for college students from Feb 2 onwards. They are supposed to get the delivery of 70,000 tablets from Datawind, the manufacturer, by the end of January.

More than 30,000 Aakash tablets has been sold in the market till date. Aakash 2 is an improvement over the basic Aakash tablet and is marketed as ‘flawless’ tablet. It has been developed by Datawind after working on the recommendations of IIT Rajasthan who reviewed it and detected many deficiencies. They also suggested techniques to improve the tablet.

In Aakash 2, performance will be boosted with powerful 800h processor and IGb RAM, which is greater than both Aakash and UbiSlate-7 tablets by Datawind. Also, battery and overheating problems will be resolved with the new Aakash 2 tablet.

Read complete list of suggested improvement in Aakash 2 tablet.

The best part of Aakash tablet is the price, which’ll still be $35 for college students and $55 for common buyers.

Datawind was scheduled to increase the price but decided against it when Government threatened to cancel the order. HRD ministry official further said that tenders for tablets in future will have Aakash 2 specifications as minimum.

Government has plans to supply over a million Aakash tablets over the next years, mainly to the college and school going students.

yourRavi has been covering everything on Aakash tablet, from its launch, availability and distribution. Here are some of the useful links on Aakah 2 tablet,

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