9 reasons why Twitter is behind Facebook

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When Facebook was launched in February 2004, people got a new definition of entertainment; since then, it has been going great irrespective of how many competitors are in the market. When Twitter was introduced in March 2006, some Facebook users expected it to do better because there was so much to learn from Facebook, such as its design, tools, services, layouts etc.

When I was comparing Facebook with Twitter I got some stunning facts which can help the readers understand why Twitter is nowhere close to Facebook. Here are some reasons,

  1. Different demographics show that more people are aware of Facebook in comparison to Twitter. Only 40% people know about Twitter existence as a social networking website. On other hand, over 87% worldwide people are well-aware of Facebook.
  2. Only 30% to 35% active Twitter users log in daily, even though the number of Facebook users logging in daily is more than 60%.
  3. Due to the popularity of Facebook, most of the cell phones have Facebook log in feature, but no availability of Twitter page.
  4. 35% people log in via mobile device to connect Facebook, and only 25% people log in to connect Twitter.
  5. 30% of the Facebook users follow different brands, but Twitter users are less active in following brand due to less numbers of tools and promotion on Twitter.
  6. Facebook is earning huge revenues by advertising number of brands and promoting them among its users all over the world, but Twitter is lagging behind with less revenue and promotion tools.
  7. Facebook is equipped with lots of tools to update Facebook user profile, security, privacy, photo sharing, latest news, and Facebook’s longer message facility. Twitter has depressing layout, limited word message option and lack of number of tools and services.
  8. Facebook popularity outside US is also increasing, but large number Twitter followers are found in United States.
  9. Twitter is used by specific section of people only to send mini-micro blog, like politicians, celebrities etc, but Facebook is such a networking platform where everyone is actively present and spends more time.

Even after 5 years, the number of Twitter followers is just 220 million as compared to Facebook users which is more than 750 million. In addition to this, Twitter’s growth, active number of users, publicity, and awareness among common people is still very low when compared to the social networking giant, Facebook.

In addition to this, Facebook users in India is expected many fold than Twitter followers in India.

These points clearly states why Twitter is still lagging and find it hard to compete with Facebook. Competition between Facebook and Twitter is just like a “race between tortoise and the hare”.

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