8 good reasons to purchase Aakash tablet

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India is famous for producing low cost products, first it developed the cheapest car ‘Nano’ then the cheapest water purifier ‘Pureit’ and now the cheapest computer ‘Aakash’.¬†While the world is delighted to hear this great news, I have complied a list of good reasons why Aakash tablet is a good product to invest.

  1. It’s cheapest, just a few bucks more than your per day pocket money. Students have to pay just Rs 1500-1700 while common people can get an Aakash tablet merely by paying Rs 3200. This is a great deal and a strong reason to purchase Aakash, the cheapest tablet.
  2. It’s completely touchscreen based; you just need an stylus to work with the tablet. Getting a touchscreen phone at this price is beyond imagination, but you can get a tablet within 3k. Amazing, isn’t it?
  3. Aakash tablet is best for mild computing uses and a great gadget to run lighter softwares. Its a good product to give first computing experience to small children and novice computer users.
  4. As it’s a collaborative work of Datawind, Indian Government and IIT Rajasthan, now its very much related to country’s pride, so you can be assure of better after-sale services. For students, their college would be the go-to destination for any technical issues with the tablet.
  5. Commercial version of Aakash can be used as a phone as it has SIM and 3G facility. This cuts the requirement of keeping a phone/smartphone if you’ve tablet with you.
  6. A big reason to purchase Aakash tablet is because it comes with more than 15,000 pre-installed apps and supports a large number of file formats. Also it runs on the highly successful Android 2.2 operating system by Google.
  7. Laptops are great but they are not portable enough to carry in classes. But, now you can carry the cheapest tablet, Aakash to your classes and get help in your studies with inbuilt WI-FI. It’ll help you in connecting with internet anytime and anywhere within the college premises.
  8. Aakash tablet doesn’t have an inbuilt webcam but it supports it, you just need plug an external webcam in the USB port to start taking pictures and video recording.

Basically there are endless reasons to purchase Aakash tablet that I’d noticed when had my hands on the cheapest tablet some days back. I’ll update the content as soon as I remember some more good reasons.

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