6 best gaming laptops in India (cheapest to affordable price tag)

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PlayStation might be the home of gamers but laptops haven’t lost its sheen when it comes to playing games. With the latter, you can just pick and start riding a bike or shooting spies within no time unlike PS2 where you have to do several rites before starting. The only catch with laptops is the configurations and brand you choose. A laptop with poor graphics driver, RAM and processor would ditch you amidst, while a good gaming laptop would withstand even the most challenging games.

Gaming laptops are huge in demand. Mostly among youths who hate carrying messy PS2 cables with them. Not surprisingly, laptops are their go to station for high end gaming.

CyberPassion team has many gamers who’re often hooked into their gaming laptops. Some days back, we’ve tested 15 of the best gaming laptops available in the Indian market. Some performed great while some died much before the game finished.

Here is a list of 6 best gaming laptops that are affordable to purchase,

HP DV6-6165TX

hp dv6 6165tc is top gaming laptopMost HP laptops are custom built for gaming. The DV6 may be marketed as a multimedia notebook, but the specifications say otherwise. A core i7 and an AMD Radeon HD6770M with 2 GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory would easily make it as one of the top gaming laptops. Moreover, audio beats and the cooling is efficiently handled by Hp’s cool sense technology that adjusts the cooling based on the load.

Its a very good package for the price with a price tag of Rs 58,500. We consider it as the best gaming laptop in India, as its offers a lot within an affordable price.


affordable asus gaming laptopIf you consider Asus as good solely for its Motherboard then you must check one Asus laptop called G74X before giving your final statement.

With this gaming laptop, Asus has managed to cram in everything but the kitchen sink sporting a massive 17.3-inch full HD screen. Its designed for Nvidia’s 3D Vision and comes with the transmitter fitted into the bezel. Other features of this Asus gaming laptop includes a whopping 16GB of RAM, 1.5TB of hard drive space (750 GBx2) and a Blu-ray combo drive.

This is not all, the graphical prowess of the laptop comes from the mighty Nvidia GTX560M with 3 GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory. Asus provides free accessories that include 3D glasses, a gaming mouse, a headset and a backpack. You have to pay good amount to pocket this gaming laptop from Asus. It costs close to Rs 1,18,000 in Indian market.


Dell-Alienware-M14x top gaming laptopAlienware gaming laptops are primarily gaming laptops. Dell Alienware M14X is one of those gaming laptops that have a good gaming performance and fancy, customizable lighting, the one thing that has made these notebooks stand out is their keyboards.

The keys offer nice feedback, which makes them extremely comfortable to type on. Also, the higher resolution 14-inch screen makes images and video pop.

This notebook does demand a premium, but in return, you get great gaming experience. Its not a cheap gaming laptop but you’ll love to buy it if you’re a gaming addict. Its price is Rs 1,15,000.


Acer gaming laptop is cheap gaming laptopAcer have gained lot of respect when it comes to laptops. Extending its reputation, Acer recently launched some of the best gaming laptops. Acer’s Timeline X 5830TG is one of them that packs in a decent powerhouse in a rally slim form factor, and at a killer price tag. While the build quality takes a bit of a backseat, but you can comprehend it when you’ll consider its price tag.

This Acer gaming laptop is best for those who want gaming experince without spending much off their pocket. Armed with an Nvidia GT 540M, you should be able to play older games like DIRT 2 and FAR CRY 2 on reasonably high setting. The 5830TG is a great value-for-money notebook, delivering great features and performance.

Finally, the best part of this Acer laptop is its price, which is just Rs 41,000. This laptop is got to be in your top priorities when you set out to buy a new gaming laptop.

MSI GE 620

MSI GE 620 is one of the top gaming laptops in indiaHere is a companion for ACER ASPIRE TIMLINEX 5830TG. Though, by looking at MSI GE620, you can easily dismiss it as an entry level notebook, but looks can be deceiving sometimes.

The GE620 is a no other gaming notebook but it comes from MSI’s ‘G’ series line-up thats famous as powerful gaming laptops. A big advantage of this laptop is the cheaper price tag as compared to its other siblings.

With the laptop, you get a full-sized keyboard, Dolby sounding speakers, USB 3.0 ports and a powerful NVIDIA graphics card.

The latpop has a good battery life and has a price of Rs 50,000.


SONY VAIO C SERIES gaming laptop in indiaIts not denying the fact that Sony has one of the best technologies when its comes to gaming. Playstatoion is the biggest example.

Rolling the same aura to its laptops, Sony Vaio C Series (VPCCB35FN) is worth of its price. Sony’s new Vaio C series may come in some rather funky colors, but underneath all that fluky stuff is a pretty serious gaming notebook. Funky styling and the wonderful backlit keys that automatically kick-in once the light dims; a rare feature in notebooks these days.

This Sony gaming laptop also allows switching of graphics. You can utilize the onboard GPU for everyday tasks, and the AMD Radeon HD 6630M when you want the gaming power and other 3D intensive applications. We thought that price would be much higher than the what’s tagged on it. Amazingly, its priced just Rs 54,000.

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