6 best ways to prevent laptop overheating

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How to prevent laptop overheatingAfter some years of use, laptops often heats so much that they could be replaced as heaters.

System overheating is a common problem with most laptop users.

Excessive heating may damage RAM, cause irreparable damage to laptop components and wires, or incur permanent data loss.

Lets see how excessive heating of a laptop can be avoided,

  1. Keep laptop clean: Most users, mainly boys, barely clean their laptop. This is bad, laptops must be cleaned regularly, from inside and from outside. Dust accumulation insulate laptop components, causing them to overheat. Narrow opening and edges can be cleaned using vacuum cleaners, while screen can be cleaned with fluid cleaners. Apart from this, fans and vent must be cleaned to ensure smooth air-flow across it.
  2. Safe elevation from surface: Using laptop on bed is common to most of us, but its fatal and should be avoided. Best practice is to keep laptop on a hard surface like table, or a place where there is good space for proper air-flow. Adequate air supply to all laptop components including fan is must to ensure they operate normally and system remains cooler and faster. Blockage in air-flow is one of the biggest reason for laptop overheating.
  3. Cool neighbors: Never place laptop in a hot room or close to any heat emitting devices like heater and microwave. Laptops are best when they are cool so its important to make sure that there isn’t any inflow of heat from the surrounding environment. Temperature of laptop must not exceed above 80C; under normal condition it should be 40 C and 55 C when its running heavy programs.
  4. Carry Properly: Always shutdown laptop before putting it into a carrying case. You can also hibernate it if you’ve to carry it for smaller distance. In carry-case, all vents of laptop are closed which leaves no space for proper air-flow.
  5. Use Coolers: A low cost solution to prevent laptop overheating is the use of a cooling system. Purchase a cooler, which includes an external fan and place your laptop above it. Cooler supports the inner fan to keep laptop cool for faster performance.
  6. Proper Power Settings: Adjust laptop’s power settings so that all heat generating components like hard drives and screen powers down when not actively used. Keeping laptop in proper shape is also good way to prevent laptop from excessive heating.

If the problem still prevails and your laptop is under warranty, go to the customer care and post your problem. It also important to check laptop performance while buying, and avoiding laptop models with known overheating issues. Prevention is better than cure, Isn’t it!!!

Remember: Install heat monitoring software like HWMonitor and regularly track laptop heating graph.

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