6 best BSNL broadband plans for students

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BSNL broadband has been a revelation since its launch in 2001-02. In a span of 12 years, it has accumulated over 2 million customers with students being its biggest users.

Recently BSNL updated its old broadband plans and induced several new ones. In the post,  we tell about 6 of the best BSNL broadband plans which are suitable for students. Don’t forget to read the conclusion where we sum-up all plans and tell the best one,

  1. BBG ULD 375 is a limited plan where you get a download limit of 1.5 Gb at a speed of 2Mbps, and monthly rental of Rs 375. Its best for kids who browse internet and does a little bit of social networking. After 1.5 Gb of usage, Rs 0.30 is charged per Mb till 5Gb and Rs 0.15 afterwards.
  2. BBG ULD 545 is an unlimited usage plan of Rs 545 where you get a flat 512 kbps speed of internet. This plan is best for school-going students who like to download softwares and engage in long hours of internet browsing and social networking.
  3. BBG ULD 795 is for those kids who want high-speed internet, but don’t want to spend big on rental charges. It’s an unlimited plan of Rs 795 where you get 2Mbps speed till 8 GB and 512 kbps afterwards.
  4. BBG ULD 999 too is for speed enthusiasts. In the plan, you get an awesome speed of 4Mbs till 8 Gb and 512kbs after this. The plan is of Rs 999.
  5. Plan BBG ULD 1275 is an extension of the ULD 999 plan. Here you get the double speed of 4Mbps upto 20 Gb and 512kbs for usage afterwards.
  6. BBG ULD 1800 broadband plan is for those guys who like to download movies and softwares on regular basis. This plan gives a free leeway for downloading up to 40 Gb data at the monthly rental of Rs 1800. Here you get the speed of 2 Mbps till 40 Gb data and 512 kbps afterwards.

Special Mention: For kids loving to have a much faster internet experience and also want more bandwidth, can opt for plan BBG ULD 1745. In this plan, you get a staggering speed of 8Mbps till 30Gbps and 512kbps afterwards, for Rs 1745 plan.

yourRavi’s list of best BSNL broadband plans

  1. BBG ULD 545 is simpy the best since most students don’t spend too much time on internet because of their studies. The plan, being of unlimited usage and reasonably price is best according to us.
  2. BBG ULD 999 is second one according to us since its priced below Rs 1000 and provides a staggering speed of 4Mbps and a comfortable 8Gb space.
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