5 types of content banned on Facebook

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From a single line status to bulky images, and connective links to amazing videos, we post each and everything on Facebook for the world to know and comment on it.

While doing so, unknowingly, we might violate one or two Facebook terms and conditions. So its important to know our limitation while using the social networking site.

Below are the 5 major types of content that’s strictly prohibited by Facebook and can be removed on reporting,

  1. Content against nationality, group, individual: Content with direct/clear attack on an individual, race, caste or country isn’t accepted by Facebook.

    Such a content is immediately removed on reporting; might also result in Facebook account deactivation, depending on the seriousness of violation.

  2. Inappropriate photo or video: Posting sexually arousing, nude images isn’t allowed on Facebook. Such pictures are considered as a ways of harassing and abusing users.

    Well, you might see many questionable images hovering on Facebook, but they would be removed when reported.

  3. Unauthorized content: Posting copyright images violates Facebook T&C, hence one shouldn’t post such images neither use copyright images as profile pics.

    In most cases, Facebook sends a warning asking you to refrain from posting such content again.

  4. Inappropriate Links: Bloggers and website owners, who frequently post links on Facebook are susceptible to such a violation. Publishing a link multiple times or a link to inappropriate content can be removed by Facebook without notice.
  5. Fake or impostor profiles: Yes, if you’re looking to have fun with a fake profile then beware of Facebook’s automated system.

    If a fake profile is reported(or found), Facebook would ban the account without notification.

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