5 best features of latest WordPress 3.3.1

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WordPress 3.3.1 is available for some time now. As I was on moon with some urgent work, hence failed to update it. But soon after my return, I’ve finally updated my WordPress and the latest update looks quite interesting.

Its packed with great features with radical improvements in GUI, easing the work of bloggers with some really cool features. Though, I haven’t checked thoroughly but my 1st day experience with the latest update is quite amazing . So I brought forward my 5 best features of the new WordPress 3.3.1,

  1. Better GUI and performance

    You can see the difference as soon as you reach your WordPress dashboard. Design sees amelioration with smooth navigation to most important functions like adding posts and media, checking plugin updates and more. Improved GUI hasn’t affected the performance, which is improved by a good margin.

    If you’ve updated your WordPress recently, then you can feel the lightness of the new WordPress. Navigation is easy, pages load faster and things are best designed for bloggers ease. Previous releases had little GUI improvements but this time it’s a radical one.

    friendly top bar in wordpress

  2. Multiple-file upload

    This is by far the best feature (for me!). Now you can upload multiple files at once in WordPress. Not only this, you can drag and drop files to upload. My blogs usually includes lots of images, so my work has mow curtailed out by large. Previously, we either had to upload files individually or using a FTP program if files are in numbers. Both these ways are time taking and problematic. But new WordPress update has done things a lot simpler.

    multi-file uploader feature in latest wordpress 3.3.1

  3. Easy navigation

    In Latest WordPress 3.3.1, navigation is something that’ll catch you attention. Now, you can see submenus by just moving cursor over the menu items. The same applies for the top bar, that now includes option for directly adding new post and media files, see comments and updates, visit website, check updates on wordpress.org for latest info and queries. And of course, an option to check your WordPress profile and log out. This is my third best feature just because of the way it simplifies GUI.

    easy navigation in latest WordPress

  4. Improved Help

    Oh yes, this one is a notable improvement. New GUI for WordPress see changes in the help section (that appears above every page). Now it better uses jQuery to provide soothing transition between help contents. Screen options got some improvements as well.

    easier help section in new wordpress

  5. Editing themes on the go

    It might not be of great interest for most but yes, new WordPress allows editing of not only the plugin or stylesheet files but also of all WordPress files from admin panel only. Now you can increase excerpt length, control loop, add functions, and do lot more customization much easily.

    improved theme editor for easy wordpress customization

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