Top 10 Fashion Websites Girlfriends would Love to Check

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Girlfriends usually do not understand the obsession we guys have with the internet. They often are unable to comprehend why we need to get our daily dose of tech info and news. What would be a better way of making sure that your net addiction doesn’t take a toll on your relationship? Simple answer – get her addicted too. Fashion is one foolproof genre that any girl would love. Here is a list of the 10 best fashion websites your girlfriend would love and probably get addicted to:

1.   Vogue

Right up there on the top is Vogue. Not only over the internet, but also offline. Vogue is practically the bible of the internet world especially when it comes to fashion. While the popularity of its offline publication is unrivalled, Vogues online portal has become exceedingly popular with fashionistas all over the world. The website successfully carries the chic and hip image of the brand into the online world. Well deserved to make it to the top spot among the 10 best fashion websites.

2.   Elle

Another offline fashion player making it big in the online world as well is Elle. It is a typically woman’s eMagazine containing tips and tricks about everything to do with fashion. From hairstyles to cocktail dresses, Elle on its website offers a complete solution for the fashion crazed. With a bunch of A-list celebrity models featured regularly in its photo shoots, Elle is definitely one hot pick.

3.   Vanity Fair

Though not exclusively a fashion website, this lifestyle and entertainment portal features a lot of Page3 and fashion world related content. What the celebs wore and how they carried it off, the latest modeling cameo of a particularly dashing footballer, Vanity Fair covers all the news from the fashion and celebrity industry. It is good enough to make it to number three on this list of 10 best fashion websites.

4.   Cosmopolitan

This website catering primarily to women provides info and tips on latest fashion trends and events in the glam world. This website not only adds to its oomph factor through regularly featured posters of the top male models of the world, but also lends out useful tips and has an interactive Q&A feature within its network. Like others, Cosmopolitan is also famous as an offline publication, but its followers on the internet are probably far more numerous.

5.   Style

Making it to the fifth position is the first solely online entrant. is one of the world’s best websites which covers fashion news, events, tips, etc. It also has regular updates from celebrity fashion designers and brand owners. makes it to number five on the list of 5 best fashion websites your girlfriend would love.

6.   Glamour

From latest fashion updates to details about who wore what in the latest award function, get every news and all the updates about fashion industry in the Glamor magazine. A famous name in paper, it is a popular magazine online as well.

7.   Self

Another offline book to make a big name online as well is Self magazine. It is a complete package which covers topics on fashion as well as lifestyle choices and well-being. It is a premium domain that covers details about fashion brands as well.

8.   Fashion-Planet

As the name suggests, fashion-planet is all about fashion. From details about latest fashion trend followed by Hollywood celebrities to tips and tricks for a makeover, it contains everything you would want to know about fashion. This website has to make it to the top 10 list of fashion websites.

9. Instyle

Doubling up as a fashion website as well as a fashion store, you can learn about fashion as well as shop fashionable clothes and accessories from this website.  From teaching you about latest hair dos to recommending what to shop, this 20 year old offline publication has become one of the hottest online fashion website.

10.  Runway
A quarterly entertainment and fashion review magazine, runway provides lots of information about fashion world including celebrity news, celebrity fashion, modeling tips, beauty instructions, haute couture, and much more. If you are looking to know behind the scene gossips of a fashion show, the website is the one to look out for.

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