20 Ways to increase Facebook fans

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Marketing on Facebook starts with the creation of a Facebook page. Each page has an overall potential of reaching upto 790 million+ users, so, its important to find clever ways of increasing fans to engage more and more visitors and turn them into customers.

Here are some ways that are effective in increasing likes for a Facebook page,

  1. Best use your Facebook profile: Facebook profile is one of the best way of marketing a Facebook page. Making more friends, sending them messages requesting to like the page is an absolutely free attempt to get more fans.
  2. Use Twitter Followers: Got lots of Twitter followers? If yes, then you can ask them to like your Facebook page too. Interconnecting both Facebook and Twitter account is another good idea; this’ll lure Twitter followers to like your Facebook page, and hence your fans would increase by many folds in a just few days.
  3. Facebook ads, Google ads: This isn’t free, but you do a huge favor to your Facebook page by spending very few bucks. Posting ads on Facebook isn’t a costly affair like TV ads, and it also gives you the freedom to customize the appearance of ads by location, age group, time zone etc. Publishing Google ads by targeting high performing keywords is another good option to try.
  4. YouTube videos: Videos are viral in effect. A good video can reach thousands within days. Putting links of Facebook page in each and every video posted on YouTube and MetaCafe is a trendy way of increasing fans for a page.
  5. Send messages/mails: Apart from sending normal mails to near and dear ones, messaging them to become fan of your Facebook page is a good shot to increase Facebook fans. Send mails/messages regularly but in limited in numbers, don’t spam by sending bulk messages at once.
  6. Invite friends from page: Once a Facebook page is created, first step is to invite Facebook friends to like the page. More friends, more chances of getting likes.
  7. Add more admins to Facebook page: A great way to increase Facebook fans is by adding friends as admins to the page. Once admins are added, they can recommend Facebook page to their friends, and hence there are every chances of getting more likes. A clever practice is to choose friends who’ve got lots of friends.
  8. Connecting all social media accounts together: Don’t forget to connect Facebook account with Google+, Twitter, StumbleUpon and other social media accounts. This’ll lure Google+ and Twitter followers to become Facebook fans too.
  9. Become admin on other pages: Being an admin of other Facebook pages, you get full control over the page and its content. Hence, that Facebook page could be used to market your own Facebook page.
  10. Exchange likes with other admins: Search Facebook pages(with more fans) within the same niche. Contact their admins, and ask them include updates of your page to gain some more fans. In return, you can do the same or in exchange of any other favor. This is mutually benefiting marketing strategy.
  11. Use Facebook as page: This is a new Facebook feature wherein one can use his Facebook profile as a page. Nature of profile remains the same, one can post updates, comments, use apps and do everything just like a normal Facebook profile.
  12. Beautify Facebook page: A great was of luring more fans is by designing an attractive Facebook page. There are number of apps that can be used to customize the appearance of a Facebook page, some are Involver, WildFire, static HLML, IWIPA etc.
  13. Make apps: If you can develop Facebook apps then you’re having a great option to increase Facebook fans for your page. Whenever someone comes and uses the app, ask him to like your page. A good app can reach thousands within a few days.
  14. WordPress plugins: Apart from making apps, developing WordPress plugins is a nice way to grab more likes for a page. Apps and plugins can potentially bring enormous amount of traffic to a Facebook page.
  15. Email Signatures: Always use link of Facebook page in your email signature. This’ll help you getting likes from everyone you’ve ever contacted via mail.
  16. Blog Posts: To increase fans for Facebook page, ask bloggers to cover your product/service and use page link as byline. This is called sponsored blogs, and don’t forget to tell bloggers to include catchy stuff in blog posts.
  17. Sponsoring events: Sponsoring quizzes, shows, sports and other events in schools and colleges can bring lot of attention to a Facebook page, both of people as well as the media. This would alarmingly increase Facebook fans for a page.
  18. T-shirts: Print t-shirts and distribute to schools, colleges and needy people. This is an amazing marketing strategy that’ll advertise a Facebook page till one wears it.
  19. Plastic bags, bill slips: Pay few dollars to a trader, or sponsor his bill receipt/carry-bags and inscribe link of your Facebook page on it. This is an another low cost solution to increase Facebook fans for a page.
  20. Self-marketing: Put name of your Facebook page on your car window, t-shirts, business cards, personal profile and everywhere else.
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