12 tips for safe blogging to avoid plagiarism, copyright and AdSense problems

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With blogging, there comes huge responsibility that a blogger needs to sense. A blogger must be true to its readers with the sole aim of providing content best of his abilities.

For a blogger, there are some pivotal things that must be kept in mind while writing a blog and posting on the website. Here are some valuable tips for safe blogging,

  1. Avoid plagiarism. Never copy and paste content from other websites. Others blogs must be used only for collecting information to improve it and post something more useful. Plagiarism may result in DMCA notice, blacklisting of website by search engines, which is definitely not a good thing.
  2. Never use copyrighted images. This may result in copyright violation and problems with Google AdSense. You might be sued for violation, if owner of the copyrighted image wants. Images used in the website must be either self-developed or purchased from websites like shuttershock, stockphoto etc.
  3. Never write content with direct attack on any individual, caste, tribe community or country. These are sensitive issues and hence must be dealt carefully. Blogs with sharp criticism should be avoided, or only be written if you’ve proofs on what you’re writing and ready for court battles, if sued.
  4. For safe blogging, strictly follow FTC(Federal Trade Commission) rules. It means, a blogger must explicitly specify if he is getting any money for the content published in his blog. It’s important because some bloggers take money for reviewing a product or service and hence a user must know if the content is a genuine one or a sponsored one.
  5. Always keep a privacy policy page for your blog. This is a good practice as it increases faith of readers; its also a must have clause for AdSense publishers.
  6. Avoid content on hack1ng, p0rnography or anything questionable as it might result in website getting blacklisted by Google. Also, there must not be links to any ill-reputed website.
  7. Avoid links to blacklisted sites, p0rnographic websites or any un-trusted sites. It’s fatal for both blog and the website as a whole. Search engines can blacklist website and backlinks might be detached by websites.
  8. Avoid using logos and trademarks of brands without permission. Most brands allows use of their logos and trademarks but they must be used with care and without alteration. A simple example is to include Google’s logo whenever a snapshot of any Google page is used in a blog, but if logo is removed or altered then its a clear violation of copyright. The same thing is with other companies as well.
  9. Place ads correctly, there must be a space of 25px on all sides of the ad. This is important in avoiding problems with Google AdSense to continue a safe blogging journey.
  10. Write informative and fresh content in a blog. Blog with very poor quality content can be banned from all services of Google. This doesn’t happen that often but content quality must be good.
  11. No repetition of content in multiple blogs. Such actions might result in penalty from Google in search engine rankings. Posting the same blog on multiple websites must be avoided and if you’re doing this, there must be a backlink to the original(posted first) blog.
  12. Never buy traffic and backlinks for your blog, it’s just a waste of time because if your blog is good then people will come one day or the other, and if it’s not worthy then they’ll go away no matter how hard you try. So, better spend on hiring better bloggers than buying traffic. Google may penalize your website if wrong ways of gaining traffic and backlinks is noticed by its automated system.

If there’s anything missing, post in comments and we’ll append it in the blog with your byline. Have a safe blogging!!!

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