10 Potentially Dangerous Files May Contain Virus

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Nowadays, not only computers but the internet has also become a daily life stuff. This gives every user ample opportunities to download more than enough files to satisfy all his needs. But along with this boon there also exists a bane. Your computer or website can also get affected by potentially dangerous files containing spyware or virus. This may lead to hacking and several other problems.

Here is a list of some files that can be potentially dangerous to your system and hence should be handled with intense care,

  1. .exe file-Usually it is a common file extension used to denote any executable file. But sometimes these files act as a virus that makes them dangerous to use. The most seen among .exe virus is “New folder.exe”.It creates .exe file with the similarity in name and icon to the folder seen in hard disk. It gets into the system mainly through pen-drives. Emailing .exe file is an illegal activity and services like Gmail and Yahoo rejects such files.
  2. .pif file– .pif file or Program Information file holds information about how non-Windows application should be run by windows. But these also sometimes act as virus.
  3. .bat file– They stand for batch file and are generally very useful as they contain several commands and we can also create new commands by just typing in notepad. So it becomes harmful when the coding is done wrongly. A faulty coding can crash your system within a blink of eye.
  4. .scr– It is a type of screen saver file. But it sometimes carries a Trojan with it. It may also execute the other files carrying Trojan. People tend to download these files from unknown site which can have serious implications on system performance.
  5. .com file– These types of files contain command needed for the operating system.  Since .com is familiar to the domain name of internet, malicious binary commands like www.abc.com will be opened by the users and the binary command www.abc starts to harm the computer.
  6. .php files– The most famous name in our list of dangerous files. Sometimes hackers use script like c99 and r57 to hack websites. They can upload file to website though one or the other way and deface them. Php files has lot of functionality and hackers use it to carry out illegal cyber activities.
  7. .cmd files– Here the virus along with the file injects commands before the command cmd starts to execute. This causes the computer to shut down.
  8. .gpx files– these files are usually send with mails and opening may lead to a system crash.
  9. .inf file– It stands for information and used for installing drivers and software. Autorun.inf is one such file that can be used to place Trojans to a system primarily through pen drives.
  10. Files having double extension– The system usually opens based on extension to the right most. Since it’s not common to have two extensions it is not advisable to open such files.

Be ensured about the reliability of source from which files are sent to be protected from viruses and hackers. They may be used for system and private data hacks.

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