10 Most Weird and Unusual Items Sold on eBay

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One of the biggest online shopping portals in the world, eBay is also host to a number of weird and unusual items. The more amazing part however is the number of buyers and bidders who respond to such offers. It would also not hurt to make some money on an item that you don’t have use for anymore. For people who are wondering what to sell online, here is an interesting list of 10 most weird and unusual items sold on eBay.

  1. Sandwich!!

    sandwich sold on ebay for whopping 28 million

    Number one on unusual eBay listings is a sandwich. Not too long back, grilled cheese sandwich was put up for sale on eBay and was actually bought for around $28,000.

  2. Genies and Ghosts

    geneies and ghosts, one of the most weird and unusual items sold on ebay

    The new rule on eBay probably is ‘sell everything’. Buyers on eBay are willing to buy almost anything and everything. That a supposed ghost captured and stored in a jar sold for almost $56,000 just goes on to prove this fact. Weird, really weird.

  3. Virginity

    virginity-sold on ebay, another weird and unusual items sold on ebay

    This one is special. You wouldn’t know whether to laugh, get depressed or angry, for this particular seller auctioned her virginity on eBay to pay for her college fees. Some great person at heart bought it for $10,000 but never asked for the delivery of his purchase. It is still strange enough to make it to number three on ten unusual items to sell on eBay.

  4. Cities

    people have sold california on ebay

    Believe it or not, sellers have sold Bridgeville, California on this website. Twice; enough to make it count as an unusual eBay listing.

  5. Jet airplane

    jet airplanes are sold on ebay, unusual stuff sold

    No really, no one would shop online for an aircraft, would they? As it turns out, some people do. eBay’s most expensive purchase ever was an airplane.

  6. Vampire Killing Kit

    Vampire-Killing kit is selling at ebay

    You could make as much as $2000 selling such kits on eBay. They don’t even need to be original or authentic or for that matter, actually functional.

  7. Weird shaped food items

    weird and unusual shaped food items are sold at ebay

    That cookie with a face on it or that apple which looks like someone’s butt can make you some great money on eBay.

  8. Advice

    free advice is one of the unusual things sold on ebay

    Free advice is stuff of the bygone days now. Advice or a range of issues and with a range of prices is an unusual items to sell on eBay.

  9. Chocolate Wrappers

    chocolate wrappers are hot at ebay

    To collectors, this one might appear normal, but to anyone else chocolate wrappers are an unusual listing on eBay.

  10. Rocks and Leaves of weird shapes

    unusual shaped rocks are sold on ebay

    If you find a particular rock that looks a lot like Jimmy Hendrix it’d probably sell for quite some money and make for the 10th most unusual item to sell on eBay.

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