1 billion users for Facebook in August 2012

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Recent growth of Facebook is a clear indication of where this social networking site is heading.

With a mere 150 active million users by the fall of 08’, the social networking giant accumulated over 815 million users by 2011.

According to a survey, Facebook would continue to grow at this speed and would reach the 1 billion mark by August 2012.

Here is the chart that clearly indicates how Facebook soar up in the coming days.

facebook to reach 1 billion users in august 2012

With Facebook users from US and European countries comprising 75 percent of the total Facebook population, a big chunk of new users will be from India and Brazil. Presently, just 3 percent of Indian population and 16 percent of Brazilian population are active on Facebook.

Internet is etching into craze in India and Brazil, so it’ll not be a surprise to see India and Brazil among the top five nations with most Facebook users.

Twitter is still stuck somewhere close to 280 million and its growth is rather disappointing. Google plus is the biggest threat for Facebook but it has still long way to go before posing any serious threat to Facebook’s social media market.

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