Wrestling match between Microsoft and Google

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Microsoft and Google are raging bulls, ready to knock the other. Yesterday, someone called me and told that their officials were caught pelting stones at each other. I was watching wrestling, my brain jumbled both these events and I started visualizing a wrestling match between Google and Microsoft.

If Microsoft and Google square up in the ring rather than just partaking in the traditional sniping and elbowing, you’re bound to get the side-slams, back buster or a thunderous chair shot, who knows!

google-vs-microsoft wrestling match in the ring

Microsoft was the market leader in IT when my granny was 18. With time, things have changed – Granny shifted to artificial tooth – Google and Facebook arrived – Microsoft ‘micron-ed’. Reasons? Hell lot of them – failures and more failures; failures in competition, due to failures of products. I am a big fan of Windows XP, unfortunately that was the last MSFT product I actively used. Microsoft is crawling, slow like it’s browser for the past 10 years. Google rocketed in the same period. Since 1997, it rose to become the superpower on web with products like AdWords, Gmail, Apps and not to forget, its search engine. For us, Google is as important as girlfriends are – very very USEFUL (just kidding!). Despite the entire environment of negativity and long streak of failures, Microsoft is still bigger and more powerful than Google. Let’s have a look at what happened between Microsoft and Google in the past 10 years,

Internet Explorer vs Chrome – Google Wins

Google backed Mozilla Firefox and its own Chrome browser has ripped off Internet Explorer from Internet. My Granny used IE, but even she is enjoying Mozilla and Chrome now a day. As per reports, Mr. Gates has another browser in his lappy – Chrome runs good on Windows you know!

MSN/Bing Search engine vs Google Search – Google Wins

I’ll shut my website if somebody disagrees to this, No questions asked. Google Search is like asking a question from your sexy colleague- you’ll definitely like the answer. Though, Bing is better than Yahoo(though both has the same algorithm) but Google is simply awesome mainly because of the artificial intelligence it employs to give best results. It can differentiate between ‘Girl’, ‘friend’ and ‘Girlfriend’. Isn’t it great!

Windows Azure vs Google Chrome OS – ?

It’s difficult to tell as I haven’t used Azure yet, but looking at the graph of Microsoft, I won’t bet by money on Azure. Both are built keeping Cloud computing in mind so it’ll take time for fresh graduates like me to post any comment on this.

Microsoft live search maps, virtual earth vs Google Maps, Earth – Google Wins

Yesterday, I located my home on Google Earth, but found it difficult to locate MSFT’s Virtual Earth of Internet. I felt as if Microsoft has hidden it under the carpet due to some reason. Google Maps is simply awesome, not only because I like it but due the impressive GUI and performance that it provides. It’s more interactive and detailed than Microsoft virtual earth.

Hotmail vs Gmail wins – Google Wins

It’s created by an Indian, that’s the sole reason why I love Hotmail. There no major difference between the email services from Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. But with >850 million Gmail users on board, Google easily dislodged Hotmail as the largest email service provider.

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