8 Work-from-home Jobs for Housewives, Students, and Part timers

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Lisst-of-Work-from-Home-ScamsUntil a decade ago, if you wanted to earn money, going out was a necessity. Not anymore! Thanks to the internet, you can now earn money by working from your home premises. You can do pretty much anything from searching information to paying taxes with just a few clicks. Not only does it make your work easier but it also lets you work in exchange for a decent or sometimes amazing payments

Here are 8 ways by which you can earn some extra cash online without any investment other than your time and skills.

1. Micro Jobs

These are small individual jobs listed on sites like clickworker or amazon’s mturk.These jobs are very diverse in nature. You can find someone asking you to find some text in an image or even fix their computer. Once you complete the job you will be paid through bank transfer or PayPal. Depending on the job, you can earn anywhere from Rs.30 to over Rs.1000.

2. Freelancing

If you’re good at something, chances are someone is willing to pay you to do it. Writing, programming, web designing, graphic designing, online tutoring are some of the many ways you can earn very good money. There are a lot of freelancing sites which act as a medium between clients and employees like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr etc. Signup to all of those sites, create a profile listing your skills and start bidding for jobs. You can earn anywhere from Rs.10000 to 50000 a month depending on the type of work you do.

3. Completing Online Surveys

There are websites like swgbucks or crowdology which pay you to complete surveys. These surveys take a few minutes each and could fetch you about Rs.100 or an equivalent gift vouchers per survey.

4. Viewing Ads

As strange as it may sound but there are websites where you can get paid for just viewing ads. This is exactly what sites like clicksense do. You sign up, view your allotted ads and you will be credited for each ad click. You can make a little over Rs.1 for every ad but it adds up quickly as you view more ads.

5. Blogging

Blogs are simple websites used for hosting text, images and embedded videos. You can start a free blog using services like googles blogger or WordPress. Once you’ve created the blog, fill it with content, be it writing, images or videos. As you get more audience, sign up to Google’s adsense or enter an affiliate program with some websites. A decent blog with a moderate amount of unique visitors could make up to Rs. 10,000 a month.

6. Selling Photos Online

In the recent years, several sites have come up where you can put up your clicks for sale. A need for original quality pictures is never ending. Every content creator, advertiser and decorator are on constant look out for images that are a necessary compliment to their work. As long as you have a decent camera, you can click some interesting pictures every time you get the opportunity and put them up on platforms like shutterstock, photobucket etc. Each photo can fetch you between Rs30 to Rs.500 depending on the type and quality of the image.

7. YouTube

working from home beanbagYouTube is the biggest video hosting website in terms of number of viewers and content. If you have an attractive concept and can produce good quality videos, you can earn quite a lot of money through youtube’s ad system. Every time a viewer clicks an ad on your video, you earn a certain amount of money. It’s hard to predict how many users view the ads but on average you could earn about Rs.150-200 for every thousand views you get. But the amount goes up significantly with your viewer base so time and dedication are very rewarding in this case.

8. Selling Products Online

If you have a good product that you obtained for a very low price, you can sign up to e-commerce sites like flipkart or amazon and list your items there. If you receive any order, just send the product to the particular service provider’s office through a courier and the rest is taken care of by them. If you happen to have a second hand or a rare product of some kind, you can list it on sites like ebay or quickr. However with these you will have to ship the item to the buyer yourself. The earnings here are pretty straightforward, and the more you sell the more you earn.

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