Windows 8 Release Preview coming early June 2012


Windows 8 lovers waiting for a new release and others looking for a better and stable version than Windows 8 Consumer Preview will find their O.S this June 2012.One of Microsoft officials said that company is boosting up Windows 8 for its release and now Microsoft is ready to release a Release Preview version of Windows 8.


The Windows 8 “Release Preview” will be the most complete version to date of the upcoming version of the operating system, said Steven Sinofsky, President of Windows and Windows Live Division. He spoke at Microsoft’s Windows Developer Days, an event to teach developers about Windows 8.

According to Microsoft Japan spokesman Masaki Ida-June’s Release Preview of Windows 8 may be followed by some more release candidates for final testing by users.

Microsoft released a Developer Preview of Windows 8 last year, and then a Consumer Preview in February. The latest version had notable performance issues, including its touch interface.According to Microsoft they are fixing all possible issues through Windows 8 updates and in their upcoming Windows 8 Release Preview users will find what they expected from Windows 8 final release.

The current version of the stable OS-Windows 7, was released in October 2009 and now after 3 years Microsoft is set to release a new OS Windows 8 by the end of 2012.

Windows 8 will come in four official versions: Home, Pro and Enterprise for PCs with x86 and x64 processors, and Windows 8 RT for tablets and other devices with ARM processors.

I hope Windows OS users will now tight their seat belts to try the new upcoming Windows 8 Release Preview on June 2012.

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