Trick to show your name in system clock

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Of the many computer tricks discussed before, this one is probably the most catchy and simplest one.

Today, we’re gonna change the AM/PM text of the system clock at the bottom with a name of our choice. Lets start,

1. Go to ‘Control Panel’ clicking Start<Control Panel.

2. Next click on ‘Region and Language’ option. A new window will appear.

click region and language

3. Click ‘Additional Settings’ at the bottom of the window.

click additional settings

4. Click ‘Time’ tab in the new window that appear. Edit AM and PM text to anything of your choice. Here we’ve written two names in AM and PM spaces.

Click ‘OK’ to finish.

add name in am pm symbol of system clock

5. All Done! Check bottom right of your computer screen, it should be showing the entered name in system clock.

name showing in system clock

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