Tips to keep laptop battery healthy to last longer

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You can get the services of a doctor if you’re ill but what about your laptop’s battery.

Laptops are great gadgets but shorter battery life can ruin your fun, so here we bring you some ways to keep battery in healthy condition so that it lasts as it should,

  1. When you first purchase a laptop, first put it to charge for 8-10 hours. After charging it full, run the laptop on battery power till it completely shuts down. This’ll ensure that there is no accumulation of charges in the battery. This is one time operation only.
  2. Never charge laptop for long hours. Once you full charge it, switch-off the charging.
  3. Run your laptop at-least 10-15 mts everyday on battery power. You must use laptop battery, otherwise there’ll be charge accumulation which is fatal.
  4. Limit the use of battery consuming programs. Running games and movies regularly on battery power can crush laptop battery within months.

    Antivirus scanning, burning CD’s and DVD’s should be avoided when laptop is running on battery power.

  5. Never let dust to accumulate on the laptop, mainly between keys and near fan area. Dust accumulation results in system overheating and problematic performance, which result in excessive use of battery in driving fans and processors.
  6. In Windows system, power plan for laptop must be run in ‘Balanced’ or ‘Power Saver’ mode. In these two modes, battery is used in the most efficient manner.

    Also, set screen brightness, contrast etc to optimum levels to lower battery use.

  7. Fine tune ‘Power Settings’ of your windows laptop. Lowering screen brightness and contrast, hibernation and sleep mode are some good ways to manage battery use to keep it healthy for longer duration.
  8. Check battery backup at regular intervals, say in every 4 months. This’ll ensure if your battery is working fine or not.
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