Facebook IPO will make Mark Zuckerberg more richer

Facebook’s IPO launch is round the corner. The company has completed the paperwork and its expected to be valued around $100billion which is remarkable when compared to Google’s IPO in 2004, which was just $23billion.

Facebook IPO will make mark zuckerberg more rich

The biggest gainers of Facebook IPO would be the people/employees of Facebook who has shares in it. Thousand of them would raise onto become instant millionaires.

Its no differtent case with Facebook’s co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.

As Zuckerberg holds 24 percent share in Facebook, its IPO would make him the 35th richest person in the world. He’ll surpass Apple’s founder Steve Jobs, says Frobes.

Not only him, other big shareholders in Facebook including Dustin Moskovitz, Sean Parker, Eduardo Saverin would also climb-up many places in the list of richest billionaires.

With Facebook IPO launch, the social networking site would be open for investments from you and me. Though, Facebook would be flooded with money but it has to better direct its ads service and find new sources of revenue.

Mark Zuckerberg is not the youngest billionaire

Yes, you read it right. Indeed Mark Zuckerberg is not the youngest billionaire in the world.

Dustin Moskovitz is youngest billionaire
Dustin Moskovitz

Facebook’s 3rd employee, Dustin Moskovitz is the one who reached the billion mark faster than Zuckerberg. If you’re wondering how an employee could climb ladder to the top, then here is how he did,

In fact, Dustin Moskovitz is one of the four co-founders of Facebook. He is just 8 days younger than his friend, Mark Zuckerberg. Though both reached the mark at almost the same time(being business partners) but Maskovitz’s age made him the youngest billionaire.

Presently, his net wealth stands at $7.6 billion as compared to Mark Zuckerberg who is at $13.6 billion.

mark zuckerberg is not the youngest billionaire says forbes
Mark Zuckerberg

Most people know Zuckerberg as the youngest billionaire but its false. Mark Zuckerberg was born on 14th May, while Moskovitz was born on 20th May 1984. They both dropped out of Harvard to start their own company, The Facebook which later became just ‘Facebook’.

Moskovitz was with Facebook till 2008 as CTO(Chief Technology Officer) but left the company to start his own firm called as ‘Asana’, a sofware company that allows companies and individuals to better collaborate. Zuckerberg, on the other hand, continued as CEO of Facebook.

UK student steals Facebook users data, jailed for 8 months

The biggest social media hack|ng case in the history of UK reached its pinnacle when Glen Mangham was sentenced for 8 months jail.

He was charged for breaching Facebook security and stealing confidential data of some Facebook users.

In the Southwalk Crown Court, prosecutor Patel said that Glen infiltrated into private computers of Facebook. Moreover, he accessed (and stole) some valuable information of its users.

He further said that, his attempt was determined, sharp and very calculated. Also, his attempt was extensive and flagrant that ultimately made it as the biggest social media hack|ng case in UK’s history.

The entire drama started sometime in April 2011 when Glen Mangham, a 26 year old software student stole confidential data of Facebook users from his home in London. He actually infiltrated into the systems of Facebook employees and gained access over some private systems of Facebook.

Facebook came to know of this breach in June and reported to FBI, who tracked the location to Glen’s home. Scotland Yard raided his home and he was charged for the case.

Glen accepted the wrong doing but stated that he never intended to launch such an attack to harm Facebook, or to sell user information. It was rather an act of stupidity. He had done this thinking as a challenge to beat Facebook security.

Judges accepted his plea but reminded him of the fact that his act, though not done with bad intentions, might have had bigger implications if those stolen data would’ve came out in public or have gone into wrong hands. Also, Facebook is not a small organisation and such an act would hurt its reputation in big time.

How to invite Gmail contacts to like a Facebook page

To recommend a Facebook page to your Gmail friends, you might want to send them an invitation.

Sending page recommendation to Yahoo and Rediff contacts is much easier as compared to Gmail.

Facebook doesn’t provide a direct option to send invitation to Gmail contacts who’re active on Facebook. But there is an unorthodox way of doing this,

Exporting contacts from Gmail (in CSV format)

First we export a CSV file containing list of all Gmail contacts.

  1. Login to Gmail and select ‘Contacts’ option on left.goto-contacts-to-transfer-gmail-contacts.jpg
  2. Now click on ‘More Actions’ tab and click ‘Export’.


  3. Select ‘All contacts’ and ‘Outlook CSV format’. Click export to download all Gmail contacts to your computer.

    select all gmail contacts and export them

Sending invitation to all Gmail contacts to like a Facebook Page

Next step is to provide this file to Facebook. Once uploaded, all your Gmail contacts will receive the invitation.

  1. Login to Facebook, goto your Facebook page and select ‘Invite Email contacts’ on right.
  2. Click ‘Other Tools’ in the box that pops-up. Click ‘Choose File’, select the recently exported Gmail contacts CSV file and click ‘Upload Contacts’.

    upload gmail contacts to facebook to send page recommendation

  3. Facebook gets all your Gmail contacts and send them recommendation to like the Facebook page. Before sending it, you’ll be asked to see the preview of the invitation they’ll receive. View it, and press ‘Send’. That’s all, Invitation sent!!

    send Facebook page recommendation to Gmail contacts

Previously, Facebook had a simple interface to import Gmail contacts but it was later revoked when Google prevented all external services from fetching Gmail contacts of any user. That’s why we had to go the longer way to send page recommendation to Gmail contacts.

Security risks detected and patched in Facebook, Android and Windows

With social media spreading its reach on netizens, security risks around them as increased by many folds. In the past year, a number of security risks in Facebook, Android, Windows OS came in light but they were patched within days.

Here is a detailed information on what happened and how they’re patched,

Facebook users privacy breach

Recently, a flaw in Facebook’s tool used for flagging inappropriate photos was found. It could be exploited to gain access to users private photos regardless of the chosen security settings.

The risk was patched within days after media reported multiple acts of Mark Zuckerberg’s private photos getting theft off his profile.

Some Android Apps download malwares, results in data theft

Here, some free apps on Android were cause of concern as they download malicious codes to steal users private data. These apps, after installation, ask users for update. On updation, it downloads a malicious payload which is in fact a data stealing Trojan.

As a preventive measure, users were warned from using such apps, and to deal with new apps carefully.

Malicious code compromises entire Windows Server 2008/R2 machine

A stream of specially crafted UDP packages allows an attacker to compromise a Windows Server powered machine, and then run foreign, malicious codes on it. Windows Vista and 7 were also prone to such attacks.

This security risk was patched when Microsoft issued an automatic update. Users are asked to update their Windows as soon as possible.

Malicious code freezes Windows Phone smartphone

In Windows Phone, a tweet or a Facebook message could possibly crash a phone and disable the messaging hub, or cause the phone to hang. Several reports of phone getting problematic performance has also been found.

Microsoft knew of the risk from the very beginning, but till now there hasn’t been any patch or update available to resolve the issue.

How to post flipped Facebook updates and comments?

Wondering how people post inverted texts in Facebook updates and comments. Now you can post the same, flipped text with minimal effort.

Here is how,

  1. Just go to Flip-It app. Its an app developed by Ravi Sharma that turns all alphabets and numerals by 180 degrees.
  2. Once you’re on the page, enter some text in the left box and you’ll get the flipped text on right side of it.

    post flipped text in Facebook updates and comments

  3. Copy the flipped content and post in Facebook updates and comments. Have fun!!!

How to cancel a sent friend request on Facebook?

You sent a friend request to someone but soon realized that he isn’t the one who you’re actually intended to send the request. Now you might want to cancel the sent request but don’t know how to do it.

Follow these steps to cancel a sent friend request on Facebook,

  1. Firstly, search the profile(to whom you’ve sent request) using the search bar provided in Facebook.
  2. Once you find it. Visit the profile where you’ll see a button with ‘Friend Request Sent’ written over it.
  3. Move your cursor on the button to see a list of options with ‘Cancel Request’ at the absolute bottom of it.

    cancel friend request in facebook

  4. Click it and you’re done. The sent friend request would be cancelled and he wouldn’t see your request ever again.

Facebook blocks spammy and unsafe website urls

Facebook maintains a list of websites and urls that’s spammy, abusive and potentially unsafe for minors. All these urls are blocked from appearing anywhere in Facebook updates, comments, notes and chat.

Usually, whenever you type a url in Facebook, it automatically retrieves the link and shows it as hyperlink.

This a nice feature, but if someone sends weblink of a p0rnographic content, image or any other objectionable content then the hyperlink wouldn’t be visible, rather a pop-up box appears up containing a warning message.

In the message, you be notified that Facebook blocked the entered url and posted it just as a text rather than a hyperlink.

Here is an snapshot of what you’ll see,

Facebook blocks bad websites and url from posts

Sometimes, wrongly entered urls can also show this message.

Trick to get Facebook profile/page information without visiting it

Only Facebook apps are given access to user’s private details, but there is a fine way of retrieving these information without making an app, and also without logging onto Facebook.

First, we’ll get a profile details without actually visiting it,

Just goto graph.facebook.com/facebook-username or facebook-id and you’ll have it.

As an example,

  1. graph.facebook.com/er.madnet displays my basic information.
  2. graph.facebook.com/4 is an easy way to get Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook information.

Similarly you can try with name/id of your friends, or any random number.

For retrieveing a page information just put graph.facebook.com/page-name or page-id and you’re done.

Details shown includes page id, name, picture, link, category, number of likes, website, founder, about, username, description, location and more.

Apart from profiles and pages, one can get the information of any event, groups, app, photos, videos and everything else.

This is all because of graph API launched by Facebook some months back.

How to delete all older Facebook wall posts

You must have shared many things on Facebook, from your first crush to your marriage date, Facebook wall has a compilation of all.

Getting rid of these memoirs isn’t easy. Deleting thousands of posts, one by one is beyond practicality, so you need an service to do this.

Clean My Wall is one such great script that deletes older wall posts from a Facebook profile.

Steps to clean Facebook wall,

First logon to your Facebook account, go to the website and hit ‘Clean My Wall’ button. It’ll automatically start cleaning all previously posted updates.

The cleaning process takes some time to complete. You can however stop it anytime you want.

Before starting, make sure you want to do this because there is no way to retrieve the deleted posts.

The process is automatic, no posts or any other data is stored/recorded by the script.

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the recommended browsers for using Clean My Wall to delete posts.

Presently, the program isn’t supported by Facebook timeline. Newer version is under development, expected to be compatible with timeline.

Maintain multiple Facebook account in a single Chrome brower

Most of us have got more than one Facebook account, one for personal use, one for ‘midnight’ use and, if required, probably one for professional use.

Such busy guys face problems in maintaining all these accounts as they have to frequently login/logout of one account to use the other one, which is indeed very painful.

But no more, a cool extension/plugin for Google Chrome browser allows you to maintain as many as 5 Facebook accounts, simultaneously. Once you enter all details, you can directly access all accounts in different tabs of a single Chrome browser. The login information is stored locally in encrypted form, not accessible to anyone except the extension.

For using it,

  1. You first need to download and install the Google Chrome extension.
  2. Open it and enter all accounts with password, and you’re done!
  3. Different tabs would open up with each tab showing your different Facebook account, independent of each other.

Wait no more, download your copy of fbQuickLogin for Facebook and start using multiple accounts on a Chrome browser, simultaneously.

Here is the video demonstration of how to use it,

How to tag a friend/page in Facebook status updates and comments

There may be times when you’ve asked your friend to like a Facebook page or send an invitation to some beautiful girl. For this, usually you need to send the complete url which is not likable to anyone.

Now, Facebook allows tagging of profiles and pages in status updates and comments.

For doing so, one just need to add ‘@’ before writing friend’s or page name, or put it in @[profile/page id:0] format before posting.

Lets see both these methods in detail,

Method 1 (Simpler one)

If you’ve to mention a friend or a page with link in an update/comment then just type @ and start writing its Facebook name. Facebook auto-suggest your friend’s name as you type.

tagging a profile in facebook update, method 1

If you wanna tag me then write @ravi sharma followed by your message, and post it.


Method 2 (Lengthy one)

It’s a lengthy one but worth to know, mainly to draw applause from friends as it appears much like trick.

Here we’ll tag a profile/page using its id. For tagging my Facebook page in status updates you have to type @[213163032087109:0].

tagging a profile in facebook update, method 21

For others, just change the id at the center.

This is what you’ll get from both methods,

tagging a profile in facebook update, method 22

Post @[4:0] to tag Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder Facebook.  Happy tagging!!!