Signs ‘He’ May be Cheating on You

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    1. Signs 'He' May be Cheating on You
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One of the biggest fears of any woman in a relationship is infidelity. However, unless you overhear him talking to other woman or he babbles her name while being drunk, it can be difficult to tell if your husband is cheating. Well, if you an iota of doubt about his loyalty, look out for these signs of a cheating husband:


He avoid receiving calls when with you

While you may find this cute that he wants to give his entire attention to you, there can be a slightest possibility that there is someone he avoids talking to in front of you.

He deletes chat/messages/WhatsApp history from his phone

Is he too conscious about deleting every one of the messages as soon as his conversation is over? Well, there might be more going on than just texting.

He started working late quite often

Those late night working hours have suddenly increased, a lot. And why is he the only one working late?

He has become overly defensive

Even before you utter a word, he is ready to defend it. There is no more a normal or healthy discussion between you two. Just he defending his doings. There might be something he really want to hire from

He tries to be extra sweet and cheerful when with you

Unexpected gifts, candle light dinners, sweet surprises, if this is the case, there might be chance that he is trying to distract your attention from his deeds.

He no more longs to touch you as he used to

If he is medically fit, there is no reason why his sexual libido has gone on a toss overnight. Better you try and find out the reason before it is too late

He has become too conscious about the way he looks

Is he a way too conscious about his dressing, attire and overall look while he is going out? May be he has someone to impress to? Show interest in dressing him up to find his real motive.

He is demanding for ‘personal space’, a lot more

Every relationship needs space but if it is demanded at the cost of your time together as a couple, there is something wrong surely going on.

He gets irritated when kids are around

Small mischievous activities of kids that he found cute earlier have started irritating him? Well, maybe someone else is taking the cute space now.

There are frequent and longer work trips

And he never takes you along? Ask if you can accompany him to next outstation trip and check his reaction?

His credit card bills have tremendously increased

And secretively so! You have no idea about the expensive gadget he gifted to some random friend. Well, find out who the random friend is.

He is being secretive

If you husband has suddenly started complaining about privacy issues, has a problem with you calling him in office or touching his phone, either your birthday is close or he is having an affair

There is a change in his behavior

Your husband who hated social gatherings has been going to meet-up groups and attending office parties a lot more. Is he looking forward to meet someone special in this gatherings?

Well, if you have doubts that your husband is cheating on you, do not confront until you have some proof. Read how to catch a cheating husband  red handed.

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