How to recover lost profile password of SBI Netbanking account

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If you’ve lost the password of your SBI netbanking accopunt then there are 2 ways to recover it. Here is how you do it,

Login to your account and reach where you enter profile password.

Now click ‘Forget profile password’ option.

click forgot profile password

Now you’ll be asked to answer the hint question that you set while setting up the password. If you know it, then your password will be resetted and you’ll be asked to enter a new password.

If you don’t remember the hint question then click ‘please click here’ option at the bottom.

if dont remember hint question

Now select your branch name and click ‘submit’ button.

enter bank name to get reference number

You’ll see a reference number, note it on a paper.


Now go to your bank, and provide this reference number with an application for password recovery.

Bank officials will reset your password and  you’ll be allowed to enter a new password within 24 hours.

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