Recover lost/forgot SBI netbanking account login password?

Internet Banking has become very common these days. We transfer money, recharge mobilespay telephone bills and do lot more things using this awesome service.

In the hustle and bustle of life, we may forget the key to unlock this very service. Call it a human nature or a security measure, we keep strong passwords which are hard to remember hence more prone to missing.

If you’re one those unlucky guys who’ve forgotten SBI netbanking login password, here are the steps to recover it.

  1. First go to SBI Internet banking login page and click on the ‘Forgot Login Password’ link.

    click forget login password

  2. Select ‘Forgot My Login Password’ in the new window that pops up.

    select forget my login password

  3. Enter username, account number, registered phone number, date of birth as mentioned in your bank account. Click ‘Submit’ to proceed.

    enter account details

  4. A 6 digit OTP (One time password) will be sent to your reg. mobile number. Enter the password and confirm.

    enter otp password

Next you have 2 options,

Option: 1 – Reset Password Instantly using Profile Password

  1. Select ‘Remember your profile password’ option and click ‘Sumbit’.

    choose any of two options

  2. Enter profile password.

    enter profile password

  3. Provide new login password twice and your password is reset.

    new profile password

  4. Now go back to and login with your same username but new password.

Option: 2 – Reset Password from Bank or through mail

  1. Select ‘Forgot profile password’ if you don’t remember the profile password.

    forgot profile password

  2. Choose any of the two option – ‘Reset login password at branch’ or ‘Receive new password by post’.

    For first one, you have to go to the bank while in the second option, new login id and password will be mailed to your postal address within a week.

    recover sbi internet login password at bank

Author: CyberPassion Team

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