Reasons for YouTube video removal by Google

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It is not uncommon for Google/YouTube to remove fan-made clips or other videos from their website. If you don’t want Google to remove of your video from YouTube here’s a brief take on the reasons which can cause your video’s takedown. There are four prime reasons because of which Google can remove your YouTube video immediately,

  1. Violation of Terms of Service

    At the time of creation of your account you are presented with a terms of service agreement, which most users (let’s face it) agree to without bothering to read. This agreement clearly states that the website reserves the rights to remove content that has nudity, graphic violence or obscene content in any form. A violation of any of these terms can lead you to get your YouTube video removed.

  2. Matching Content

    This phenomenon is also referred to as video plagiarism. The website notifies you on the My Videos page if your content ID matches the content posted by the copyright owner to that content. This system works by verify all new posted content against a database complied with snippets and bits from the content provided by the original copyright owners.

    If however you are sure that you own all the rights to that content, you can register a dispute through YouTube’s interface and get your content restored.

  3. Abusive Content

    Video containing abuse content against countries, caste, tribe and community can be removed from Youtube without notice. Google repeatedly review videos reported by viewers and take action if they found content too offensive. As a matter fact, despite best efforts of Google such abusive content exits on YouTube and that too in huge numbers. For the same reason, YouTube is banned in many Asian countries like China, Pakistan, Turkey, Thailand and Indonesia.

  4. A Notice by DCMA

    Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA) dictates that YouTube is granted a certain amount of leniency with copyright infringement laws in return for its commitment to serve a takedown notice and remove the relevant material from its website if notified by the copyright holders. Repeated violators of the copyright law can get their accounts frozen and be permanently banned from the website.

    Creativity is a gift and everyone must learn to respect that. Make sure that you credit the original owners of the copyright if you ever use your material in your videos. A few steps like these can prevent your video from being removed by YouTube.

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