How to pay BSNL landline bills online using SBI netbanking

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Still lining in queues to pay landline bills? If yes then here is a useful piece of information. Now BSNL landline bills can also be paid online through BSNL’s portal,

The service was started a few months back and its time for you to start using it.

Bills can be paid online with/without registering to BSNL website. Registered users gets a discount of 1% after first month, while there is no such thing for unregistered users.

Steps to pay BSNL bill online

1. Goto the portal designed for online BSNL bill payment. To get discount, you can first register an account and then start paying bills.

2. Enter phone number and account number. Account number is mentioned below customer ID in the paper bills received at your home.

Entering phone number and email id is not compulsory but are important as payment confirmation and receipt will be sent to this phone number/email only.

enter phone number to pay bsnl landline bill

3. Select payment option after you see the payment details. Here we’ve selected the first option, which is for payment using Debit, Credit card and Internet banking.

online pay bsnl landline bill using internet banking, debit or debit card

4. We’ll pay using SBI netbanking service, so we selected ‘Internet Banking’ and bank as ‘State Bank of India’. Click ‘Submit’.

using sbi netbanking to pay bsnl landline bill online

5. You’ll be navigated to SBI netbanking website. Finish your payment. Don’t reload page when transaction is under processing. This may cause problems in transaction.

6. Finally you’ll see a receipt that you can print. You’ll also get a confirmation on your mobile and receipt on your email.

confirmation receipt of bsnl broadband bill

That’s all! You’ve successfully paid your BSNL landline bill. Its better to do the same after making an account. By doing so, you can avail discount of 1% in second bill payment onward.

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