9 Best Alternatives of VLC Media Player

There are very few softwares that maintain their superiority over others for such a long time, and VLC media player is one such program. It’s the second most downloaded software on sourceforge and among the top 10 softwares on download.cnet.com. If you’re, due to some reason unhappy with VLC and want a replacement, here are the best VLC alternatives you … Continue reading

Extract audio from video for free using VLC media player

VLC is such a great piece of software that every now and then we find something interesting. Some days back, we posted some good blogs on VLC and one was to extract audio from video. But the discussed method was a bit lengthy and inapplicable at times. So here is one absolutely simple method to do the same. Rip audio vocals … Continue reading

Receive more WIFI signals on laptop using aluminum foil/beer can

Is your neighbors receiving more signals than you. Is you downloads taking more time and browsing has become gruesome? If yes, then stay back, cross your legs and read on as we’ll tell you an easy way of caturing more WIFI singnals for hassle-free and faster web browsing. WIFI signals are thrown from the tower/source to the area where it’s … Continue reading

6 hidden features of VLC media player you probably don’t know

VLC media player is a plethora of features. Apart from playing wide range of video and audio files, it offers many amazing things. Using the player, you can record a running video and audio file, take snapshots, add logo and subtitles to a video, and do hell lot of things. We’ve discussed all these in detail in our previous blogs, here … Continue reading

How to pay BSNL landline bills online using SBI netbanking

Still lining in queues to pay landline bills? If yes then here is a useful piece of information. Now BSNL landline bills can also be paid online through BSNL’s portal, bsnl.co.in. The service was started a few months back and its time for you to start using it. Bills can be paid online with/without registering to BSNL website. Registered users … Continue reading

6 Tips to make your Google Chrome fast again

Google Chrome is the fastest browser in the world. Its very responsive and hardly crashes. But even the best browser can sometimes become slow and problematic when load increases. So if your chrome has gone older in terms of performance, here are tips to bring back its golden days again. 1. Delete all browsing history: Visited urls, cache and cookie information are accumulated in … Continue reading

Is it really important to Safely remove pen drive?

We don’t care what the big guys says, and that’s to remove external devices like pen drive only after using ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ option in windows. Is it really necessary, or is just a conventional idea of no relevance. Different people have different perspective on this. Most say, they have been plucking pen drives directly for years but nothing happened … Continue reading

How to wake PC from sleep automatically

Sleep function in PC allows a computer to save its state and go in less power consumption mode. On returning from sleep, the opened files and folders continue to execute in the same manner. Normally, we have to press power button to return back a computer from sleep mode. But this can be done automatically. Lets see how, 1. Open ‘Task Scheduler’ in your … Continue reading

Know how many visited the link you shared on Facebook

For websites, Facebook is like another Google. A juicy link shared on Facebook can bring substantial traffic to a website in a short span of time. Sometimes it could be more than Google also. Its near impossible to count the number of visits a shared link is receiving. Facebook insights can give us an indication but still it’s not comprehensive. … Continue reading

Why Google Panda Update is called as ‘Panda’?

In February 2011, Google brought the biggest change in its search algorithm by rolling out the Panda update. The update detects low quality content and link-rot in websites. It focuses on bringing better quality websites at the top of Google search results and downing the low quality sites. Panda update is named after Biswanath Panda who is the main person behind it. … Continue reading

How to forward emails from webmail to Gmail without using Google apps

A webmail client is an email client that provides interface for sending and receiving emails. Gmail is one of them, but available only to its registered users (like xyz@gmail.com). For emails of brands and businesses like team@yourravi.com and ravi@headstrong.com, there are webmail clients like RoundCube, Squirrelmail and Horde, which come pre-installed with CPanel and works similar to Gmail, but with limited … Continue reading

How to upload chrome extension to chrome store

After you create a Google chrome extension, its time to deploy it to Chrome store for everyone to use. This process is pretty straightforward wherein we need to create a zip file of the extension and upload to Google servers through Chrome Dashboard. After uploading, the extension will instantly show up in the Chrome store, which can be installed to any … Continue reading