Domain vs Website vs Hosting, know the difference

To visit a website, we type its domain name. To visit Yahoo we type in, similarly we enter for the Facebook website. Domain is an identifying string to connect with a website on internet. It has an IP and a particular format. All the domain names and their IP(s) are enlisted in DNS or Domain Name System which is … Continue reading

16 flop Bollywood movies that deserves watching once

There is no fixed formula to make a movie hit. Bollywood movies with a strong star cast usually perform well at the box office, but even that is not certain. In the last decade, there are many movies that failed to perform but had the potential be a hit, or may be a super-hit if had little luck. In this … Continue reading

Article vs Blog Posts: Difference explained with example

Most people use ‘Article’ and ‘Blog’ interchangeably but these two terms are vastly different from each other. Some would argue with that but there is indeed a fine line separating the two. What is an article? Articles consist of information about some event that happened in reality. They are not fictional. Articles are what we generally read in newspapers and … Continue reading

56 little known facts about Sachin Tendulkar (the god of cricket)

Sachin Tendulkar is just not a name. He’s the pride of India, the god of cricket. We know most things about the little master but there are few that we probably don’t know. Here are some of his life’s big and small things that’s worth knowing, Sachin Tendulkar was born on 24 April 1973 in Bombay (presently called Mumbai). He … Continue reading

Lock/Unlock your PC with Pen Drive using Predator

If you work in office and frequently go away without shutting down computer then here is one great way to protect your PC from others using it. Predator is a software program that keeps computer functioning when pen drive is plugged-in and locks it as soon as its unplugged. Here is how you can use Predator to lock/unlock your PC … Continue reading

What is ‘CKWL’ and ‘REGRET’ in online reservation (

If you’re an ardent user of, the website for online reservation in India then you must have seen something like CKWL 5, CKWL 21 and REGRET while booking your ticket. 1. Full form of CKWL is ‘Tatkal Quota Waiting List’. Its the waiting list for tatkal quota. Its same as normal waiting list except its for tatkal quota. Chances of … Continue reading

15 awesome 2013 Holi Pics from Mathura, Vrindavan and Barsana

The festival of joy Holi is celebrated throughout India with full intensity. Colors and liquids are sprayed over everyone in sight. Doesn’t matter if you’re known or unknown, friend or rival, no one is spared when it comes to playing Holi. Mathura, the birth place of Lord Krishna is known for celebrating Holi in grand style. Its celebrated over 3 days unlike … Continue reading

How to automatically update date and time in a MS Word 2003 or 2007 Document

1. Create a MS Word 2003 or 2007 document. 2. Expand ‘Insert’ tab and click ‘Date and Time’. 3. This will pop-up a block with different date-time formats. Select any of those and check ‘Update Automatically’ option at the bottom-right corner. Click ‘Ok’. 4. All done! Current date and time will add to your document. It will automatically update and … Continue reading

Trick to show your name in system clock

Of the many computer tricks discussed before, this one is probably the most catchy and simplest one. Today, we’re gonna change the AM/PM text of the system clock at the bottom with a name of our choice. Lets start, 1. Go to ‘Control Panel’ clicking Start<Control Panel. 2. Next click on ‘Region and Language’ option. A new window will appear. … Continue reading

9 Clever use of Google search operators for accurate results

Google is like an answering machine where we throw queries to get answers. It would’ve been nice if these queries can be made shorter and more effective. There are search operators like AND and OR to do this, and I’m sure most of these are in your head. But there are few more you probably never heard of. 1. Use <keyword>:sitename to search … Continue reading

Display recent posts of a category in WordPress

While reading article on a WordPress site you often see links to similar articles at the bottom or on the right side of the page. Usually, this is done using plugins. But plugins can slow down the website loading time. In the blog, we’ll tell you an alternate and relatively easier way to do the same without using plugins, in … Continue reading

How to fix navigation menubar at the top of your WordPress blog [Code Explained]

Now a days most WordPress blog have navigation menu fixed at the top. This helps visitors in easy accessing of menu since it remains fixed even when the page is scrolled down. To make such a menu all we have to do is to first use the position: fixed CSS property and then shift menu at the topmost corner of … Continue reading