Try Maki App: A Web Design Mockup Tool

If you’ve ever designed a website on your own, you know very well how irritating it is when a new version of your design fails to sit pretty with your existing template. Enter Maki app, a great web design mockup tool to let you view a mockup of your new page as an overlay to your existent material. How does … Continue reading

Top Domain Registrars and Hosting Service Providers in India

Domain registration is an industry in India that has been growing steadily over time. With hundreds of new domain registrars who offer licensing and hosting services, an aspiring domain owner is spoilt for choice. However some services are better than others in terms of what they offer their customers. To get a measure of who’s who of the domain registration … Continue reading

5 Video Blogging Software to Create Video Posts

Video Blogging or vlogging as it is commonly referred to as today, is increasingly becoming a great way to keep an online log of your thoughts and ideas, and to communicate them with the world. Video posts provide a great, unique way to connect with your readership. Good video blogging software can help you do this with ease and efficiency. … Continue reading

Express Love using Social Media Sites by YouTube videos, Facebook updates and Blogposts

Love has embraced us in many forms- father, mother, brother, sister, wife… and many more. In the hassle and tussle of life, they provide the much required peace of mind and help us enjoy life to the fullest. By expressing your love, relationship can be rejuvenated to keep it healthy and strong. In the era dominated by social media, expressing … Continue reading

Reasons for YouTube video removal by Google

It is not uncommon for Google/YouTube to remove fan-made clips or other videos from their website. If you don’t want Google to remove of your video from YouTube here’s a brief take on the reasons which can cause your video’s takedown. There are four prime reasons because of which Google can remove your YouTube video immediately, Violation of Terms of … Continue reading

Difference between CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA in Objective, Tagline and Security

CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA are developed to protect websites from machine generated attacks called bots. There is practically no difference between CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA. Their sole objective is to ensure that machine don’t use what is meant for human – like posting comments, registration to a website etc. The difference lies in objective, working behind the scene and security. Reduce human … Continue reading

Efficient Marketing strategy for blogs to increase visitors

Lack of efficient marketing strategy can prevent your blogs from appearing among the top search results. This is the worst thing that could happen to your website. Moreover, if you’re not a regular blog poster, a blog can take 5-10 days to index by search engines and even then you’re not sure of its success. However, there are certain ways … Continue reading

Facebook, Google and Future of Online Marketing for Business Promotion

If you are wondering why these days, you are not getting as many calls for product orders from your customers?  And, why the supposedly luring advertisements of your brand in the top-selling magazines don’t seem to make the same impact they used to make before, you need to know this thing that the marketing techniques for business are changing. It … Continue reading

10 Websites for the Stock Market Update You Need

Various websites listed below which not only give information and updates of local markets but global stock market updates and their indices as well. Cnbc: This has always been the leading name in the world of stock exchange news and updates. The website in cnbc .com and the link to the website is Yahoo finance: Yahoo finance is one … Continue reading

Security threats of Cloud Computing based servers

Would you like losing direct control over systems carrying your important data? Cloud Computing is undoubtedly a technology revolution providing amazing cloud services at a reduced cost. Cloud server hosts very low sensitive personal and critical business information and threat to such data is enough to take your breath away. Before you think of shifting your data to a cloud … Continue reading

Meta keywords and Meta description do not improve Website Search Engine Performance

Most of you must be running a website and should be using Meta keywords and Meta description as well. They are considered important in improving website’s search engine performance. But most of you might not know that search engines have stopped giving prominence to Meta keywords and Meta description. Reason? Some bloggers stuff keywords and keyphrases in their Meta tags … Continue reading